Triple heart pacemaker increase in pain from legs,Claudication?

I recently joined  the Forum,and shared my experiences from Dec 2017 when I was informed out of the blue that I was suffering from severe left venticule block .In Feb 2018 I had stents fitted,followed by a multitude ot tests,next came a 3hr operation in October 2018 followed by another 3hr opertion New Years Eve 2018,and finally another 3hr opeation in January 2018 which finished with the implant of a triple  heart pacemaker.

prior to discoverinbg my heart problems I was plauged with severe aches in both legs which slowly but surely stopped my long walks,cycling,kayaking,and finally and my worse loss ,dancing.Over the years I ran the symptoms passed various medical "experts" who in the main kept stating Arthritis,,even though I could stand unaided from a chair,move all my joints quite easily,with my main symptoms being as stated fatigue brought on by the aches and pains in my legs.I have been literally housebound since 2014/15 with only the garden and my classic car to provide me with exercise and interest.

Looking back over the start and increase in my leg problems they all coincided with the syptoms that I was getting in relation to my heart problems (although at that time I had no idea I had a heart problem!!)

I have finally managed to get my visiting cardiology nurse to take my leg symptoms seriously,which in fact have worsened since the Pacemaker implant.She in turn has arranged for a Doctor to contact me by phone on Tuesday to discuss a vascular appointment.?

My question is this,I do not have a lot of time to make my case,I dont even know if the Doctor concerned will know of my recent past heart history.How do I pitch my problem?I want to make it known how seriously this leg condition has and is affecting my life,plus I want to make certain I have the name of my symptoms correct "Clauducation",and ensure I get the correct checks/tests/treatment.???

I was due to see my cardiologist on the 7th May as my post op follow up, since the fitting of the pacemaker.I had all my questions and statements ;ready to put to him,and now the appointment has been cancelled until the 20th May!!!! so Im left with a phone call from a GP?

This post is possibly drawn out,but like wearing this pacemaker its worrying, with very few places that I can discuss other than the pacemaker thanks,look forward to advice?



There's a lot going on here...

by AgentX86 - 2019-05-05 22:16:53

First of all, welcome to the group.  Hopefully you'll find answers to most of your questions here.  Everyone's situation is different but I was intrigued by your leg pain.  I have a lot of leg pain but I walk like crazy and just ignore the pain, more or less.  I've been building up my stamina since I had a 3x CABG/MAZE/LAA closure in November of '14.  I would have thought that the leg pain would lessen but it hasn't but I just wrote it off as me constantly pushing the envelope.  However, I've been on the same routine for almost a year, now, and still have a lot of pain.

Anyway, back to you. When you say that you had "left venticule block", do you mean a "Left Bundle Branch Block (LBBB), an electrical issue where the signal doesn't get to the left ventricle, or did you mean a blockage in an artery supplying blood to the left ventricle?

Since you had stents (not clear what the other surgeries were for), I assume that you had blocked arteries.  Since they were blocked, it wouldn't be surprising to have then blocked elsewhere, as well.  As I understand it, "Claudication" is just a $10 word for Perhipheral Artery Disease (PAD), which is blockages in the peripheral arteries (well duh!), or arms an legs.  I highly doubt that your pacemaker had anything to do with this.  You did have the artieries in your heart fixed, perhaps they need to do more.

It seems that you're going to a cardiologist for your leg issues.  You'll probably have to see a vascular surgeon for this but a cardiologist isn't a bad starting poing. A cardiologist may not be the best idea for pacemaker work, though, unless he's an "interventional cardiologist".  Even then, I'd highly recommend seeing an electrophysiologist for electrical issues.  You'll still need to see a cardiologist for your plumbing work.  Each specialist has a place.


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