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To: Red Rock Girl, 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and us here. I have found this information to be so helpful, it has truly calmed me into a more rational head now and I am thinking more clearly. I have so much to be grateful for I must remember that. I came thru the first time and don't want if I don't to go thur another another surgery. 

I will see a friend of family who is a fine plastic surgeon which somone suggested I see that may be a better fit for me going forward. I have appointment with a vascular doctor on Tues of this week for the clot and need to get a handle on that. My leg is hurting alot. I manage to get thru the day but some days I really fold at late afternoon and I am done for. 

I am happy that you are doing well now and things will only get better for you. Much peace and joy sending your way.

Best regards, 



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