My cardio messenger

Is my phone interfering (spelling not my strong suit) with my cardio messenger? Am I supposed to keep them a certain distance away from each other. Does that mean using my phone is blocking messenger from connecting with my doctor?

Also I had a weird 10 second thing my heart started beating really fast. I obviously noticed and tried to Pace my breathing, and it slowed but isn't the pacemaker soposed to keep that from happening?


Phone and tachycardia

by AgentX86 - 2019-02-18 13:06:28

Some phones will interfere with the base unit. Does it? If the unit works, don't worry about it. If in doubt move one or the other.

A pacemaker cannot slow down your heart. It can only speed it up. That is, it can't remove beats that have already happened, only add missing (or slow) ones.

If it happens again,  try to capture it and upload it "live". Give your EP something to do. ;-) Depending on what sort of tachycardia it is,  it could be serious or petty benign. You'll want your EP to decide.

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