Use of TENS machines - not all bad news!

Thought I'd post this as a snippet of useful information: after having my PM fitted 5 weeks ago I should think almost everyone and his cousin have told me you CANNOT use a TENS machine now. But I spoke with my cardiologist yesterday and he said it could be true for some machines but not all and the safest way to know is to get cardiac pacing to check it out. So he sent me there and they had me apply the electrodes and start it up so she could watch it on her machine and what do you know? It came nowhere near affecting the PM! WHOOPEEE! I have problem shoulders and use my TENS a lot so this is great news for me. However, she also said that if I should get any new machine checked also as they can all be different!



by Washingtonienne - 2018-04-19 18:13:35

I'm still fairly new to my robotic life - just about 6 months - and have not had an interest or need for TENS.  But, at a conference for higher education administrators a few weeks ago, the exhibit hall had several booths offering TENS "massages".  Don't know why they were at this paricular conference but, regardless, each of the booths would offer me a "massage" then insist I couldn't have one after they asked if I had a pacemaker and would judge me for being so young.  It was just all around awkward.  

tl;dr - Some TENS operators may still refuse you if you have a pacemaker, despite you testing it in a controlled setting.  


by rogue one - 2018-05-02 18:42:14

Thank you for sharing your findings about the Tens device.  I have been told by other people that I could not use the Tens device, but I will check with my ICD doctor next month.



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