1 week UPDATE!

Well my fellow Pacers, I'm officially 1week and 2 days post implant. I had the Chest Pains, and the Skin Break Down, PVC's and Runs of PAC's, and I can actually say things are setteling down, for the next two weeks that is.lol.. The chest pain was inflammation, and Motrin and more rest helped that alot. Then I started having the Pvc's and PAC's that my lovely pacemaker recorded. I have an appt on monday to go over all that. Well I'm paing at 10% right now lol... I don't have the ablation till the 16 of this month, then I will be totally dependent. But Doc is suprise I'm even pacing, because I'm getting the pacemaker for SVT vs AT w/A-Fib. So Why would my heart rate be so slow at night? hmmm... Well I went back to work on my 1wk post inplant day, and I must say that was the was a big, Huge, mistake, by mid shift my shoulder and pacemaker spot is killing me, I'm not lifting anything, just basically, drawing blood, doing vitals, for the transplant patients, because they are considered "walkie talkies", that means they can do just about everything for theirselves. but I guess, It's just too soon., After the AV node ablation I'mma take some time off. I must say I'm in falling in Love with my pacemaker, I catch myself rubbing it, Its like man this little thing will be running me, I guess I have to bond with it right, because I will depend on it, For my Life. Well I'm at work, I am supposed to be CHARTING, but I knew I needed to update you guys.. I hope Everything Is going Good with all of my fellow Pacers, and your 4th was good, we had alot of accidents from fireworks come in from trama, figures, well Hope to talk to you guys soon.


Glad you are feeling better

by locobill22 - 2008-07-06 01:07:10

Hi Charly,
I am so glad you are feeling better. I recall your earlier posts right after implant time. I felt some pressure in the chest the first couple days, and I chalked it up to surgery recovery. After 10 days, I am feeling pretty good. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday for first checkup. My biggest issue is worrying about pulling a lead loose. I tend to forget about the left arm limitations. Other than that, I hope to go back to work this coming week. Since I work part time in a golf course, that should not be a big issue. Still no golf for another 5+ weeks. As far as other activities, I want to ask the doctor about them on Tuesday!!


No golf!!

by ElectricFrank - 2008-07-07 01:07:29

Now that is a very serious side effect for a golfer. Did they put that one the form you signed before surgery?



Yes they did!

by locobill22 - 2008-07-07 09:07:51

The doc knew I was a golfer and listed it in the restrictions I would be faced with. He initially said 4 weeks, but I suspect it will be more like 6 weeks. I hear it was kind of funny in the waiting room after surgery, I wasn't there. My 22 yr old daughter and other relatives were there with my girlfriend. The doc was going down a list of restrictions. At the end she said "What about..." and he knew what she was going to ask and immediately said "Four weeks"!.. I am trying to convince her that he thought she was asking about mowing the lawn!!


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