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can anyone tell me about settings.i have a dual lead st jude pm and it is set as low as poss as im sensitive to higher settingsbut i feel as if my heart is being squeezed on each beat. i also feel lightheaded on standing and have fast heart rate after eating and exercise tolerance is poor. i have had the pm for five years and only had these symptoms recently. i have a moveable pm and am waiting surgery for deeper implantation and am due for a pm check up soon but they are not very helpful at the clinic.(im having the surgery at another hospital but this is too far for pm checks) i had my blood pressure checked 140/90 sitting and 145/95 on standing . there is no rate response on the pm. any thoughts would be much appriciated thanks.


Just a thought

by ela-girl - 2007-11-18 09:11:23

Hi, belly321!

By no means am I a doctor or anything, but when I look at your BP numbers, the first thing that comes to mind is hypertension (high BP). Have you ever been told you have stage 1 hypertension? Are you on any meds that might be causing your symptoms? How often do you check your BP? Is it usually that high or just when you check it because you're having these symptoms? Sorry for the thousand questions...just trying to give you some ideas!


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