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hi all i had a st. judes dual lead pacemaker inserted five years ago for occassional second degree heart block picked up incidentally on 48 hour tape investigating symptoms for fast heartbeat. i am waiting for surgery to have pocket revision as pacemaker flipping over (was supposed to have had ths done jan2007 but consultant went on long term sick leave!) i have an appointment to see another specialist in aug. i have a few problems and wondered if anyone had any answers.Basically pain on pacemaker site, and between shoulder blades, and very fast heart rate on standing which resloves after sitting,also episodes of very fast heart rate at other times for no reason. i take very small dose of propanalol which eases symptoms a small amount but not for long but makes me feel awful. i seem some days to have constant fast heart rate. does anyone have any suggestions.also will constant untreated fast heart rate lead to an enlarged heart. thanks for listening feeling fed up at present. .


me too

by blessed - 2007-07-24 07:07:19

Hi there~ when I was reading your post your symptoms of getting a fast heart beat which resolves with sitting down sounds just like me. I was diagnosed with POTS syndrome about 12 years ago in my 20's by my EP. It stands for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. There are many web sites about it ~ basically it means that when you stand up your heart rate goes up and when you sit/lie down it goes down. I did a tilt table test to diagnosis it and take alot of beta blockers to control my rate, in fact I have a PM due to second degree block with bradycardia which they feel is made worse by my beta blockers but I am unable to come off of them due to tachycardia~ they assure me this is a benign condition and it can just appear. I have no idea if this would even pertain to you but it might be worth it to check out some sites on it and see what you think. Good luck with everything!!

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