Does anyone feel like I do

My 1st PM (with only one lead) was put in DEC 1989 for Bradycardia .I had a 2nd one put in 7 yrs later .In that time I experienced SVT and was put on Digoxin .I was better for a while and then I started to pass out and went to the ER where I was admitted into CICU and the Dr said I need a new PM but with two leads now because of heart block.I continued to feel weak and even passed out a few times .I was readmitted to CICU again where I was sput on the Tilt Table and diagnosed w/ Neuro Cardiac Syncope and put on Isosobride and Floreneff
After all of this and being off work alot I get tired and week very easy ,some days sI do nothing but lay ariun .Please if anyone else has had this type of experience please write to me ,I am so frustrated and my Dr said the only thing she can find is an abnormale EKG but that is how it always is .
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by ela-girl - 2007-12-03 04:12:14

OH the life of a person with bradycardia and neurocardiogenic syncope. I have these conditions, too, and before my pacemaker...I didn't have a life. I had NO energy and would just sleep and nap. I honestly can't remember doing anything but sleeping for about 4 years of my life. It was horrible. Most all my tests came out normal and my blackouts almost never occured when I was hooked up to anything. The doctors just medicated me, told me I was too young for a pacemaker, and I think they thought I was making it all up. It was just frustrating. I couldn't drive and barely made it through each work day. Then I moved to another state and had a wonderful EP give me a pacemaker via emergency surgery. My life hasn't been the same since! I'm still on the beta-blocker (I take Toprol XL) but I KNOW it is the pacemaker that has made the difference. Next time I see my EP, I'm going to see about getting off the Toprol and see how that goes. Like Boatman, I still have my blah days, take a power nap almost daily, and always make sure I walk my dogs each day. Hang in there...and just make sure that your doc is listening to you and working with you. A lot of times it is trial and error with this condition and finiding what works (between meds, pacer settings, etc.)



by boatman50 - 2007-12-03 09:12:51

I got my pm in 2006 and now have V V S. For awhile I was on a beta blocker and everything was in slow motion, like walking in quicksand. I tried to workout daily but I had no energy. After my EP took me off the beta blocker and boosted my lower rate to 70 bpm I have had more energy, workout are better and I have lost some weight. I still have times with no energy and take a nap almost daily but make it a point to work out and go biking or walking. Don't despair, maybe with some sorting out it will get better.

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