Pacers & Rollercoasters

Hi everyone!

I'm 19 and I've had a pacermaker for the past 13 years. I'm like 90%+ dependent. I've never had any problems before but I do have a question about rollercoasters. We've always been so busy that theme parks just got pushed to the side or something weird happens (one time we went it basically rained us out and the next father got really sick- long story there) and family vacations went to mountains, beaches, or road trips.

I was just wondering what everyone's opinion on rollercoasters, well more than just rollercoasters, theme park rides in general, and since I rely on the pm so much is it safe?



by Tracey_E - 2009-09-17 07:09:03

If you follow the signs at the parks, you won't get on anything! The parks cover themselves by putting up cardiac signs on just about everything. I ignore most of them. You know, unless my kids are trying to drag me on something I'm too wimpy for, then I point to the heart sign. ;o)

In general roller coasters are fine. Avoid the ones with magnets. Those will mostly be the newest ones and they will have signs. If in doubt, ask.

The harness is only a problem if it sits on your pm and hurts. Just having the harness on will not hurt a pm.

The wooden coasters are only a problem if you depend on rate response. If you have CHB (you didn't say in your bio why you have the pm but most kids that get them have CHB) you probably don't use rate response.


by jimmy412 - 2009-09-17 12:09:41

I am 80% dependent and I rode them a month ago. I stayed away from the one that said it had magnets. It was posted on the sign before you enter, or I would guess you can ask. Also - do not ride ones that have over the shoulder harnesses. You could also ask you cardiologist if they think it is safe for you. There are many opinions on if they are safe or not. Good luck.


by sam78 - 2009-09-17 12:09:59

Will definetely get a lot of different answers on this one. I am 100% dependant, and yes I rode a theme park ride just the other day. I have been told that it is ok to ride ones with over the shoulder harnesses. I have been told that I should not ride the "old" or wooden roller coasters. Basically anything that gives you jostling or vibrations as it confuses your pacemaker. I rode many rollercoasters, including the scariest I have ever ridden in my life (omg I almost puked it was so bad) but it was one of the newer smooth riding ones, and although it went upside down and all around, I had no issues. I had a pacemaker check just a few days later and had no issues detected.

Overall.... again you will get many opinions and it is a decision that should be make between you and your doctor.


by tcrabtree85 - 2009-09-18 11:09:41

I recommend calling your pm company and asking if it is ok for you to ride. The thing I have noticed is i'm 23 and have gone on them with my pm but I always checked first if it was ok for me to be doing so. One time they told me it was not smart for me to ride them because of the way my settings were. So I would give them call to double check.
Have fun and enjoy the theme parks if you decide to go.


the problem is....

by jonmelcat - 2009-11-18 05:11:27

the problem with riding rollercoasters with your pacemaker is usually dependent you are on your pacemaker and if you were to dislodge a lead, could you survive? I am 100% dependent on my pacemaker so for me, if I were thrown around on the coaster and a lead were to dislodge, I would most likely not be able to survive without the pacemaker intervention.

It's definitely something you should ask at your next appointment. It's not worth the 2 minutes of fun on the coaster to go through another lead revision surgery or something - just knowing your options is the best. besides how sucky would that be if you screwed up the vacation for everyone because you didn't check in advance?? ;)

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