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Hi Everyone,
just over 1 week since implant and that side of things going really well. However, been back into hospital with acute lower back and leg pain. (canal stenosis). Back out again today.

I have been told that an exercise bike (not recumbant) is the best form of exercise for this.
Went to the shops and all the bikes are magnetic drag. They all create a magnetic field when you pedal them.
Any thoughts or advice appreciated.
There must be exercise bikes that people with PM's can use safely.
cheers Lizzie


Oh dear

by Deedee - 2009-07-13 09:07:40

Great question! I have a magnetic recumbant and I forgot all about it being so until reading your post. OK if I sit here with you and await some words of wisdom?

Welcome to the club

by mandogrl - 2009-07-13 11:07:13

When we first get a PM, most of us have had these questions; that's why this site is great. If you read the messages under the "exercise & sports" forum, you'll be comforted to see all the types of exercise us pacers are doing. Typically the magnets in exercise equipment are far enough from the heart that they are no problem. I use an eliptical rider several times weekly, and we have stationary bike riders, weight lifters, and marathon runners among us.
Of course, if your bike has the moving handlebars, you need to hold off on using them until you are cleared for arm movement. That's usually just 6 weeks or less to give the leads a chance to become stable.


by LJ - 2009-07-15 10:07:16

Hi Lizzie,
The Schwinn Airdyne has no magnet. It has a fan in the wheel that provides resistance (and cools you!). They had this bike in cardiac rehab and there was no problem using it with a PM. (I also had a valve replaced which is why I was in rehab). Good luck. The Schwinn is kind of pricey, but it lasts forever and you can often find used ones at estate sales or in the want ads.

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