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Photo Album project

Hello Everyone all over the World!

As you can see thus far we have raised $250.00 and are half way to the goal of $500.00. For anyone not familiar with the project, many of us thought having a photo album of our Pacemaker Club friends would be a wonderful thing! Since most of us will not have an opportunity to meet face-to-face a photo album would make us feel like we know a person. The folks on this board are some of the best friends I will "never meet". It is kind of like having...


Pacemaker Pain

A while ago I posted about having pain around my pacemaker. It's 15 years old, I had it implanted when I was 11, and I have never had pain around it before. At your advice, I went to the doctor (I didn't see my regular cardio) and he said that it didn't seem to be an infection, there is no swelling, inflammation or discoloration, and that the pacemaker was possible pushing on something, or it was a muscle pull. It has been two weeks and I'm still having discomfort. The pain is not severe, bu...


Info on dangers

I've seen lots of questions on what devices are okay and not lately, I've done a project for school on pacemakers before and saw this sight so I went back to it and got the information.

This information was copied from:

Devices that may put your pacemaker at risk
If you have an artificial pacemaker, be aware of your surroundings and the devices that may interfere with pulse generators. This list will help...


Be thankful for a little bit of Tech


I am a 50 Test and Design Engineer fatehr of 3 (9,9 &4). This past May I developed CHF and we, (The Docs and I), didn't know how bad it was until I had not been able to sleep for a week and went to the ER. While in the ER I had 3 micro attacks. Following a grunch of tests including a PET they were able to figure out theat the lower third of my heart was just dead meat. And a Bypass wouldn't do any good. So after the letters and the anger, the sadness and teh fear, the Docs s...



Ive heard so much about microwaves yes and no about them being harmful. My Dr. tells me they dont affect a pacemaker. It must be in my head...but when a family member uses the microwave I feel something in my I imagining it or what?
Thank you!!


Junctional Rhythm and Pacemaker

I've been putting off getting a PM for several years. Actually my 5 year old problem with an exercise induced bradycardia was not diagnosed as requiring a PM till a couple of years ago. Anyway, now it seems my heart goes into a junctional rhythm when I start exercising. Sometimes it is an accelerated rhythm. (The junctional is a backup pacemaker and if it's accelerated that means it's actually going faster than the sinus node).

My EP says that a PM by itself may not help and I'm goin...



To Mr Boatman,
I received your message in regards to weightlifting. You mentioned you have full range of motion with no weight restrictions. Could you tell me how intense are your workouts and what weightlifting movements do you perform?
Thank you,



Hi....Im a 52 year old male and had a pacemaker put in om Aug.24th, 2007. My question is this:
I have been lifting weights my whole life even competiing in powerliting. Once I give myself the necessary time to heal, will I be able to continue my weight training?
Thank you,


Ipods & Pacemakers

Hi, I read on the web about Ipods affecting pacemakers, has anyone else read about it? & would like hear about other peoples views on this?, how true is it? also is there any recent reasearch on other things that we should be aware of?



Poem Title: Celebrate Labor Day

Working everyday
morning, noon and night
We deserve a little break
don't you think that's right?

Bring the picnic basket
with all the good things to eat
For today we'll take it easy
and give ourselves a treat

We'll play horseshoes
or maybe some volleyball
We'll do a little swimming
together with friends and all

So celebrate labor day
and whatever your plans may be...


~~~Photo Album~~~

Just wondered what happened to all the enthuiasm for the photo album.....the total seems to have been the same for around three weeks..
I would have thought with the amount of members we have we should have made the $500 in the first week and had some spare to help Blake with his charity
I seem to remember members asking Blake for the album to be part of the site it would be a shame to let it slide now.

Just my opinion.....Peter


Can you feel the pacer kick in?

Will someone educate me on what (if anything) you feel when your pacer kicks in? Right now, I can't imagine it would be worse than the chest cramping I have. I've heard from people about 3 brands of pace makers: Medtronic, St. Jude and Guidant. Are there any other brands? I'm spending the weekend researching each.


First Follow Up Appointment

Had my first check today after 3 weeks. Found to be pacing at 100%. Doc set me up for a stress test in 2 weeks. I think this is precautionary as I am having no symptons of any type of a blockage. However, he did not it pacing at 100%.

Left arm still hurts at night and is numb on the outside of upper arm. Doc just discounted this as no concern. It is improving slowly.

I am really enjoying reading the post on this site.



pacemaker in public school

Hi all,
I am the mother of a child with a pacemaker. My daughter is totally pacemaker dependent and just entered kindergarden. She had her pacemaker implanted the day she was born--she was born with complete heart block. I am concerned about rought recess play since her pacemaker is in her abdomen and her wires are external to veins at this point.

Anyone have any experience with public schools? Any suggestions for an anxious parent? I have already had a meeting with her teache...


Lead Pull

Hi- does anyone know if you feel it when you pull a lead? I was just curious as I had my PM put in 3 weeks ago and am paranoid that I will put a lead. Do you know when you do it?


heart muscle twitching

I had a Guidant placed August 16th. I feel a heart muscle "twitching". My pacemaker tech says it is probably the ventrical lead kicking in, but I shouldn't really feel it. Does anyone else feel such heart twitching? My pacer is set for 50, and when I feel twitching and take my pulse at that time it is always 50. I don't feel it when I check my pulse at other times, when it is 50+. Any thoughts or advice?


I'm home

I got a dual Medtronic PM and used no pain killers. I am sore and tired but doing ok. Will talk to people later.


Hi , updating you

Just to let you I am after surviving a major flood. You might have seen us (ohio) on the news. We were one of the hardest hit areas hit. My house missed but my brothers house got hit reallybad with 2ft of water in the basement and it was coming up to their first floor level. All the in the downtown area got hit. There is a really bad order from the floods. You find out who your true nighbor and friends are that come out to help. Even the resturaunts and stores that didn't get flooded are helping...


I have a C.A.T. in left ventricle

No, not a kitty--Have spent the last week at Mayo Clinic in Mn. because of increased number of shocks from ICD. I have had the device since 1994 and only had a few shocks in the beginning but have had 4 since the first of the year.
I was scheduled for a heart ablation last Tues. By the third test on Monday I was beginning to draw a crowd. Finally protested at the number of times they repeated the echogram and was informed I had a "forgien object" in my heart.
It turns ou...


Sharp Pain

Hi, I'm new to this. Had a PM put in 7 weeks ago, I guess I was wondering how long till the pain goes away. Its a sharp burning pain and i have a hard time with seatbelts, bra straps or anything that touchs that spot. Also is it normal for it to move, it seems to be right next to my shoulder and I don't think it was that way before..Not sure whats normal..Thanks Stacy


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