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Share weightlifting lifts

Hey all- I'm 10 months from when I got my battery buddy and thinking about getting started lifting again. EP says I'm good to go, told me a few "don't do" lifts. 

But wanted to hear from the community what lifts do you do? I'm not looking to be the Hulk, but it would be good to do some lifting (I currently run and play tennis frequently).

If you are willing to share your regimine with me I would appreciate it!



I had a Pacemaker implanted in October 2019. I have had the first check up and all was well and I now use a Latitude device at home.

The technician seemed cagey when I asked if I could swim again - I'm afraid I'm a little scared of damaging the leads. How long did other members wait until  continuing to swim?


Playing Tennis

Hi, I have been implanted with dual chamber ICD about 6 weeks back , I play tennis almost every day at club level.

Fear of damaging my leads is keeping me away from playing. Can playing tennis cause issues with leads. 

Can anyone kindly advice




I'm new to this forum.  I had a PM implanted mid January, 2020 for a 2nd Degree AV block.  I was feeling it most when I would exercise, and especially heavy weight lifting.  Eventually it got to be all of the time, even getting up from the couch.  I had hit an all time peak with new PR's for myself with lifting and had my sights set on competing in Strongman this summer.  Things have changed a bit now.

My doctor said I can go back to lifti...


Emergency ID while running or cycling

Hi all,

I'm a runner and cyclist, about 10 days into the pacemaker adventure.  So far, I'm pretty happy with it, that 33 bpm hr was getting kind of old.  I've  had a Road ID for about ten years, a handy wrist band with basic medical and contact info on it in case I should ever get hit by a car etc.  I'm just wondering, what do any of you active people use for emergency id?




Very low BP (77/44) while exercising

Hi Again,

I will try to supply you with as much info as I can. I had a cardiac ablation for reducing false beats in myheart on 06-10-19. Initial count was 22,000 per day.

I am down to 3,900 presently with the use of flecainide. I had a pacemaker put in on the same day as the ablation. Base of 80 , max of 130.

I was always athletic with hockey (35 yrs) , power lifting ( 500 lb squats) , tennis, softball, etc. I bring on this drop of BP when I start to do light exercise.<...


Low BP while exercising

Hi All,

w e have the best gathering of experience dealing with medical situations that the average patient could go to for advice or comfort.


High Altitude Skiing and ICD device

Had an ICD device put in June, 2019.  Plan on going sking in two weeks to Colorado.  Height of where we are going around 12,000 feet. 

Other than falling and damaging the device.....should I have any concerns about the device and the altitude?




Wifi ear buds

I am a 68 yr old male,very active.  Tried to wear wireless ear buds for exercising with limited success. I am on my third set of Wi-Fi ear buds and they keep dying.they last about 2 months.

I have an ICD implant that was put in in April 2017. No heart problems of any kind since but has anyone else had the problem of Wi-Fi ear buds not working after a short while.





Not feeling "oomph" while running

Hi All!

  My first post and thankful I found this club/forum. I had a PM implanted in late September 2019 due to syncope/heart rate pauses. I had two quite serious incidences and some episodes in between the two; after the second serious incident I had the PM implanted within 24 hours, so I didn't really have much time to "take in" everything that was happening. There is some neurological relationship to everything which is still being looked into, but at the mom...



Hello everyone I'm new. Had a pacemaker put in Jan 14. Three weeks later had to have another surgery because a lead came out. I don't think it was my fault but maybe when the did the tug test. IV had a slow pulse all of my life had a shoulder surgery on the 20 Dec 2019. A nurse found I was in complete heart block in the recovery.  I'm a vary active person and have some questions that some of you may be able to answer. Can I lift weights,bjj,martial arts, sparring, wrestle pla...


Av node ablation

Hi my 1st post!

Have been struggling for 19 years with afib and flutter. Started while at gym doing weights. 

Had ablations and pacemaker with medication. 

Still was having daily afib episodes.

Last resort was av node ablation 2 weeks ago. This has been brilliant and the symptoms 90% better but more breathless.

Anyone had this done and was this common for you?




Biventricular ICD 100% pacemaker dependent. and Fitbit

I have a Fitbit Versa 2. I had a dual chamber ICD Oct 2018 until feb 2020. Now due to all treatment failures. I have a Biventricular ICD with 100% dependent on pacemaker.  That alone scares me Worry about battery failure and wires displacing. I noticed my Fitbit does not measure HR accurately. When I had dual Chamber ICD, it was fairly accurate. Fitbit couldn't really help as they have not studied the pacemarkers with their devices. This is what they told me today. Any suggestions.


Something to hold ICD in place while running?

Hello! I'm a young male, had an ICD implanted about one year ago after surviving SCA while running. I haven't run since, but I would like to. Whenever I make fast, sudden movements the ICD feels like it's bouncing in my chest in a very uncomfortable way that has prevented me from excercizing. Do others experience this? Can you recommend a certain strap or something to help hold it in place while I run? 


Heart rate

Hi all, have a question maybe someone can help with. I'm 63 and was very physically active for many years, worked out a lot. Unfortunately last August I suffered a heart attack, but all is well now. I not only have a PM but two stents as well. In November I got the ok from cardiologist to start working out again, with some limitations. I'm now running and doing kettlebell Workouts again. My problem is this, if I'm running and have to go up hill I start to panic a little if my HR g...


How soon can I exercise

I'm just wondering it is two weeks tomorrow that I've had my CRT-D implanted, I'm just wondering how soon I can start exercising lightly to start with?

thank you!!


Heart Rate Monitor Inaccuracy

This is what was happening. I would bike on my trainer and at certain points my heart rate would drop, and I would be out of breath. I thought what was happening was my pacemaker was malfunctioning and that I was experiencing the same 2:1 AV block phenomenon that got me to get it in the first place. 


So, this morning I spent about an hour on my bike at the hospital with my electrophysiologist, his nurse/tech, Matt from Medronic (my brand of PM) and a couple of other pe...


Waiting for AV node ablation panic!!

Hi ,

This is my first post.

Briefly my background is that I am 64 now. In my twenties I was a first category semi pro bike rider.

I started with paroxysmal AF in 1990

AF later became permanent, over the last 30 years I have tried all the drugs available and also had 5 ablutions to try and cure the AF . The last ablation got me back in sinus rhythm for nearly 2 years then it dropped out again into AF.

Normal life in AF I can manage OK but I have nil excercise tole...


Scuba Diving

I'm a long time scuba diver and have been pacing for 16 years.  My surgeon says that I can go back to diving about 8 weeks after my lead extraction and replacement. Is that what you divers have done or did you give yourself a bit more time?


Golfers.....When can I drive a golf ball?

I had a pacemaker installed 17 days ago. I am a 79 yr old female who plays golf 3 times aweek. I am healing well but am traditionally a slow, but thorough healer. My doctor says I can play in about six weeks from procedure, but that sounds scary to me.  I am not young, but have full turning swing and (for me ) solid impact and follow through.  ( love my EP but he is young, not fit, and does not play sports) Would love to hear from some golfers. Thanks.


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