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I'm writing to share with you all that I'm going to take ballroom dancing class coming up in June. I've been feeling a little better lately thanks to all the prayers from all my buddies on this site. I wish we can all get together some day soon. You guys are my hopeful comfort and I thank you for being here when I need you.

If anyone who lives in the South Jersey area and would like to come and learn some dancing moves leave me a message. I don't know how I will do, but I'm...


Exercise Bikes with Magnet

Does anyone know whether it is possible to use an exercise bike with a magnetic wheel with a pacemaker?

Many thanks


New Pacemaker

I recently had a "new" medtronic pacer put in. The batteries on my old one pooped out. I feel like this pacer does a better job.
I have noticed during exercise that I am less short of breath now, then I was with the older Medtronic. Could this be possible or am I just imaginging it?

Another question.

Are life expentancies the same with pacemakers or are they lowered?


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