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Flack jacket

I see that there has been some comment about wearing a light in weight chest protector if you are a tennis player. Rarely do you take a ball in the chest but it can happen looking for feed back and which one do you like thanks


Climbing Elevations with PM

Hi everyone,

This is my first post because of some password issues I have had. I got my PM in August, 2006 and have been feeling great since. Reading this site has been very helful as it made me comfortable before the surgery.

I am now getting ready to go on my honeymoon in May and hope to do some activities that include taking a ride up a Mountain to see the sunset. My question is whether I will have any problems being at high elevations (approx 13,000 feet). I am a 32...



I'm writing to share with you all that I'm going to take ballroom dancing class coming up in June. I've been feeling a little better lately thanks to all the prayers from all my buddies on this site. I wish we can all get together some day soon. You guys are my hopeful comfort and I thank you for being here when I need you.

If anyone who lives in the South Jersey area and would like to come and learn some dancing moves leave me a message. I don't know how I will do, but I'm...


Exercise Bikes with Magnet

Does anyone know whether it is possible to use an exercise bike with a magnetic wheel with a pacemaker?

Many thanks


New Pacemaker

I recently had a "new" medtronic pacer put in. The batteries on my old one pooped out. I feel like this pacer does a better job.
I have noticed during exercise that I am less short of breath now, then I was with the older Medtronic. Could this be possible or am I just imaginging it?

Another question.

Are life expentancies the same with pacemakers or are they lowered?


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As for my pacemaker (almost 7 years old) I like to think of it in the terms of the old Timex commercial - takes a licking and keeps on ticking.