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Settings ?

Hello again friends,
I am just wondering... there is so much talk about pacemaker settings.I and probably some others would like to know..exactly what settings are there on a pacemaker other than of course the high and low limits? Mabe this is one for our esteemed Electric Frank ? I know this would be so helpful to me right now as I will be going back to the cardio on tues for a stress test.(Have already had the veinous studies and complete pulmonary function tests over last 2 weeks) I stil...


Equipment at home

I have been wondering once you are done with checkups and adjustments from the doctor and you have to be monitored from home for the pacemaker and call it in on a monthly basis do you have special equipment for that or just your regular landline phone goes up against the pacemaker? I have a dual chamber pacemaker if that makes any difference. And is it the doctors office that supplies you with the nessary equipment? Thanks-denmna70


Where to go for device checks

I've just had my second 3 month device check at my cardiologist office. Is there anywhere else we can go for these check-ups? Labs or other facilities?



ASK what you dont understand

I just got home from my 60 day pacer check. Everything is perfect YAY!
I decided I really needed to know more about my pacer and this process so I went thru this forum and took notes before my appt today. WOW! Thanks everyone.
I ASKED what this test was about and what they looked for. I ASKED for a printout and ASKED them to explain what i all meant then wrote my own notes beside the medical jargon on printout. I ASKED them to explain my pacer card info. I ASKED about my battery life a...



Hi everyone,
Just been for my 1st check-up, atrial pacing 2.4%, Ventricular pacing 99%.Can anyone xplain what an AMS log episode is? Apparently I had one on 20th Feb for 6 seconds!It says peak A rate 200 (min) and further along a graph showing V rate during AMS 100% of the time and along bottom line between 75 n 85 (min)!
Don't have a clue what all that means.


My 1st PM Clinic

So, I took the advice most of us are given here and asked for my reports. My interrogation showed:

Atrial pacing @ 3.2%
Ventricular pacing @ 0.4%

I see from the abbreviations what PVC means, but can anyone tell me if there is something significant in these event counters?

PVC singles 431
PVC runs 13

The techs are willing to print out the sheets but seem reluctant to tell you what they mean.




Forgot someone,OOPS!


I wanted to be sure to thank you as well for helping me to understand the mechanics of my pacing.
Have a great day!


need for pacemaker

Hi BillMFI,

It's funny that you should say that my history was a complicated one. When I went for my 1 year check my EP said exactly the same thing. But now he feels that everything is as it should be and that I can now alternate every 3 months between the pacemaker clinic and the phone check and not see him for a year. Good news for me! Thanks to you and bowlrbob I have a better understanding of things.
Have a wonderful weekend


Help deciphering?

When I went to have my PM checked yesterday, the technician said my heart was being paced 79% of the time. He also said it was set at 2.5 volts, and also said something about 0.7 volts. Is the 0.7 referring to my heart only producing 0.7 volts or did I get the wrong end of the stick? I'm looking forward to the first scheduled PM clinic (yesterday was because I had some concerns) so I can get some more in-depth figures.

Is 79% a lot of time to be paced? I have 2nd degree heart block,...


I yr. checkup

Hi everyone,

Ok so I just had my 1 year checkup on my pm. This may sound like a silly question but here it goes.
I have a Medronic EnRythm pm. I asked the doc what I was pacing at. I am pacing at between 18-20%. No episodes of PSVT or A-Fib. So I have to ask myself, did I really need the pm in the first place. What are your opinions on this?
Would love to have any imput


still feel pauses

Hi everyone

I have a on demand pacemaker which I think means it kicks in if my heart rate drops below 50 beats per minute, at my last check up I was told I had used it less than 1% of the time - however I am still feeling pauses periodically and am wondering why when the pacemaker is supposed to have stopped this feeling . does this happen to anyone else.

any feedback appreciated


EGM artifact ?

Is it even possible for a pacemaker to record "artifact".
I got irrate at my nurse because she claimed that my pacemaker recorded artifact- as if I just pulled these numbers out of a hat or something. I could have slapped her.
Her tone was inappropriate, and I guess that's what made me mad. She's one of the ones who's forgotten that I have an atrial lead only. (hence the confusion)
She thought my 380 tach was artifact, because there's no way I could have a heart rate that fast,...


Junctional Rhythm

Hello All,

I had an appt. with my Cardio Dr. and Medtronics Tech today.
After having the PM for 18months for Bradycardia/ second degree block, I found out that I also have Junctional Rhythm.

I am now weraing a holter for 24 hours. Guess, I am a bit scared. I had been feeling weak and fatigued for a few months, but thought maybe that it was because they set my PM to 50 in Oct. I had been working abnormally long hours this past month and worked on call, and also had the...


Whoo hooo

Went for my 1 month new pm check today. Zero V pacing, yea!. No significant SVTs or tachy. Reset the Rate Response activity from medium 3 to high 5. It was pacing me momentarily when I would exercise. Don't need the boost. So far my new Medtronic is better than my old Guidant.


1st -Three month checkup

Haven't posted in awhile after a small flurry of posts (and replies) after my PM implant on 11/14. I have had no problems or concerns to speak of, and next week I'm seeing the tech from Biotronic for the first time since my one week check. I understand I won't even see my doctor at this visit. So what can I expect?

1. Is he going to report directly to me what the data are indicating, or is this all for the benefit of my doc?

2. Will he "download" data from my PM, or will...


Read My Interrogation (Decipher)

Thought I would post my interrogation for some input on what all this means. I know there are alot of people on this site who understand what it all means. I would also like to know what it all means so the next interrgation I may have some idea on what it going on.

Lead Measurements A V
Impedance ohms 699 817
Voltage 3.64 3.68
Current mA...


Internet check ups

Does anyone know if you can check yhour pacemaker through the internet.....instead of using a telephone line? Seems like you could do it through high speed internet.


Digital Wireless Phone Usage

I swiched to a Digital, Internet, Phone connection and call-in every month via a pacemaker "Tele/Trace" monitor. Medtronic sent me a small phone plug-in devise to make everything work. No cost, just call them.
What I want now is a monitor that will work with a cell phone so I can be free.


upper limit

Can someone please explain the "upper limit" that I sometimes read about on these pages!
I understand(i think) the lower limit,where if your heart beats less than a certain number of beats per minute the P.M sends an electrical charge to make it contract and beat, but don't understand how your heart rate can be slowed by a p.m!


Checkup Nightmares...

Has anyone ever had just a really horrible checkup for their PM?

Usually, I don't mind so much my experiences at the doctor's office, but every now and then I'll have a bad experience that causes me o dread my next visit.

One time in particularly happened just a few years ago, before my replacement surgery while I was still in high school. I had that particular PM for about 13 years at that point and it really needed to e replaced, so I was having very regular visits. Usua...


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