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Unusual pulsing under ribs

Have been experiencing unusual visual pulsing under my left ribs,

one to three at a time always precisely 8 minutes to the hour, generally

every other hour. No pain just odd experience. Have been back to cardiology, they say all is well, it's just the pacemaker making adjustments. Just surprised

at the frequency. Any one else with similar experience out there?


computer usage

Has anyone experienced more arrythmias when using a computer. I seem to have more when using my computer - any comments would be appreciated


Atomic Clock

Does anyone reading this post know if Atomic Clocks interfere with pacemakers.


Smow machine

Anyone with a pacemaker using a snowmachine? Any problem with the electromagnitic energy coming from the machine?


Received Electric Shock from an Outlet

While waiting for my doctor to respond I thought I'd ask you experts... So I was plugging in my laptop charger into the wall outlet and I got an electric shock that reached my elbow. Is there any way that could cause my pm to malfunction?


Drone operation

First post, 24 hours out of pacemaker installation!  Had less time to wrap my brain around having it done, this was a complete shock to me.  Anyone have any information about Drone use?  Since my phone hooks up to my remote control and they both interact wirelessly with each other along with multiple satellite use....anyone have any negative physical experiences?  (Mavic Pro).  Suggestions?


Implant site of pacemaker

I've had my pacemaker for about 3 months.  It's very prominenent under my left clavicle.  I'm thin and athletic.  Was this the best spot to put it?  A friend of mine has his deeper and lower under the pectoralis muscle.  When I lie on my side it pinches sometimes. Also I feel it during my golf swing sometimes.  Is this the most common site; just under the clavicle?  Why do you think the MD chose that spot over the other?



electric range/stove/cooctop

Thank you for paying attention to my inquiry.

I found a very good apartment and want to move there, but the owner told me there is no gas stove, and they have only electric range/stove.

I know induction cooctop (IH) affects pacemaker, but my question is, does electric range also affect it?

Since I've had some troubles with my device, I really want to avoid anything that could affect it egatively.

I would appreciate if you could share your opinion about it.



EMI interference shield?

I haven't been around here long enough to even call myself a noob, so pls forgive my two issues and in two days.

Second only to my bicycling, I work with electrically - powered hand tools in my shop.  I'm familiar with all the cautions listed in the literature and accept that most ordinary shop tools do not present much risk particularly if one observes the precautions.

That said, I still wonder if anyone manufacturers any garmets that would shield my pm from EMI...


Athletic heart rate monitor belts

I am new to PM and this site, having had my first pm implant the day before yesterday.

I'm a life long bicyclist, my average mileage for the last ten years is about 100 miles/wk.

I use a Garmin edge 520 along with a variety of belts that snap around my torso with the pick ups quite close to the pm incision.

The only literature I have found thus far, addresses the pm's effect on the HR monitor.  About which, by comparison, I am hardly concerned at all.



I know i cant use Dr. Ho  or Tens machines  was wondering about  battery operated sexual devices(vibrators)  and such  


Ipod Use

I put my ipod on my chest when laying down and listening. Sometimes my radio transmission breaks up. I listen to tuneit radio. Can the ipod or portable radio  on my chest be affecting my pacemaker or vice versa?


Magnetic pocket closures!

I'm now 3 weeks post implant.  I decided to get out my hunting clothes since the season is fast approaching, the majority of my warm clothes are made by Drake, and they have a magnetic closing pocket over where my device is.  I put one on this a.m. for my morning walk.  I was surprised that suddenly my chest started to make a audible tone!  Went to call Dr. Office, took off jacket and the noise stopped, Dr. Office explained that it was normal and my device was just war...


Alpha Stim

Hi All, 

I have the Biotronik Eluna 8 pacemakser and Mri resitant leads. I cannot find information if my device is competable with the ‘Alpha Stim’. I want to use the Alpha Stim for the depression, anxiety and sleep problems I have. I already contacted Biotronik. I received the standard leaflet. The Alpha Stim is not on there.

On the site the following warning can be found:

Alpha-Stim may affect the operation of implant...


Metal detector scanners

Hi the place where I work uses metal detectors for workers entering and leaving. I have passed through once or twice but feel dizzy afterwards. Is this normal


Baby monitor

Hello everyone, is  ok to use a baby monitor?  Motorola brand to be precised.

I have a medronics icd, and its mri compactible. 

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

   Kind regards,





Safety Precautions

Is there a list of devices to avoid when you have a pacemaker implanted.

I got mine last week and when I decided to shave the thought occurred to me

that no one mentioned avoiding battery powered shavers.



Mobile Phone Batteries

Hello all

I've recently used my mobile phone against my left ear (done this 3 or 4 times now) and have noticed that the phone battery drains and goes dead within seconds. This doesn't happen when i use the phone against my right ear.

Has anybody come across this and does anybody know whether this is detrimental to my PM





airport scanners

About these scanners.  Adelaide, South Australia only has old type.  So on Sunday I take daughter to catch a flight and after reading here that it is no big deal to go through scanner I though I would just do it.  I had my card in my hand ready to explain in case I 'beeped'.  A female officer stopped me, asked if I had a pacemaker.  She then said I could not walk through and would have to have the 'pat down' (which I have always had previously.)  ...



I am 19, and have had an ICD since I was 15. I haven't had many episodes since. Recently I've gotten another MRSA boil on my breast right above my pacemaker. My immune system isn't at its best and this will be not the first time I've had MRSA. Is the location of this boil to be worried about? I am not sure what to think and do not want to worry myself. I am trying to get an appointment with my primary but they have yet to get back to me.  


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