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Follow-up to tattoos and an ICE

Thanks for the comments. I have never been a big fan of tats and I am 62. As the post said, it would be my ‘first’. But ‘Old Sparky’ has given me a reason to think about getting one.

I like the zipper with ‘open here’ from Smart Redd and ElectricFranks knob with ‘high – low’”.

Maybe a ‘switch with on – off’ and a ‘knob with volume’.

The comments have pretty much convinced me that the area directly over the ICD are taboo for tattoos.

So may put it...



I use a Polar HR monitor for runnning. Will i still be able to after use it after I get my Pacemaker?
It does have a chest strap.

Thanks Holly


tattoos and an ICD

I am thinking about getting my first tattoo on top of 'old sparky' after the tenderness goes away.

Anyone have and experience with interference from a tattoo gun?



hello everyone

just wondering if we can use an ipod with a pacer?



EMF - Hybrid Cars

As a recent recipient of a two lead PC, I wanted to find out whether I can continue to drive my Toyota Camry Hybrid due to potential EMF exposure. I found some information on an auto-related blog:

As per this blog, measurements made in Lexus GS450h hybrid indicated an EMF of 110 mG+. I don't know whether this is strong enough to affect PM operation. Also EMF field the driver is exposed to in a hybrid, depends on the...


do woodworkers kick off their ICD?

My hobby is woodworking and I'm concerned the motors in my shop equipment will kick off my ICD. Are there any woodworkers out there with advice and experience on this?


Bang & Olufsen Sound system

Is there any techno people out there?
We are having an Audi A4 next week with the above sound system which has 14 high performance loudspeakers(505 watt) and 10 channel amplifier and my cousin (who also has a pc) has just told me that I'll be sitting in a magnetic field as each of the speakers has a magnet?????
His concern is because I'm the one who had the bad experience on the Airbus fly- by -wire aircraft.
Please someone knowledgeable tell me that he is wrong!


Chiropractics and ICDs

More questions. . . I have a pinched nerve in my back that has me barely walking. Any problems with a visit to the chiropractor for relief? So far nothing he's done has made me 'feel funny' or aware of my ICD (3/13/08). but he was wondering if there could be problems with the electric stimulation or vibrator (?) he's used



Brain Dead

Hi all. I have had a pacemaker for about 18 months with no major problems. Tonight I was working in my little shop putting away some small parts. They were in a small metal magnetic parts tray. I put the tray on my left arm, sitting on my arm, across my chest, and was using my right hand to sort the parts into bins.
I started to feel dizzy, and weak, then realized the strong magnets were right below my pacemaker.

I moved the tray and the feelings stopped right away.



Wii games

I had my PM put in last December. Last evening I was playing the Wii game with my family and started feeling light headed. When I stopped and took my pulse, it was low (54). My PM always keeps it right at 60. I read the Wii instruction book and it does say it can interfere with pacemakers. Has anyone else had this happen? It is only certain games, or all Wii games?
Thanks anyone for your comments!


Blue tooth cell phone ear pieces OK?

Do blue tooth wireless cell phone ear pieces interfer with pacers?



I have a new PM and need to continue welding. I read that welding should be 24 inches away from PM and if affected, that it is only temporary. How temporary it didn't say.
I want to know if anyone else has a problem welding. I needed the PM because heartbeat dropped to 39 beats/minute shown by holter monitor (much to my surprise).
If and when the therapist cures my shoulder pain, (which he thinks is a pinched nerve), I need to weld some.
Thank you for any input,


pain from pacer pulse

My 18 year old daughter has had a pacemaker since she was 3yrs. Her last pacer done when she was 12 has worked beautifully until this last 13 months. She is feeling the pacer pulse in her shoulder. Her cardiologist is concerned but they can find no reason for her to feel so much pain. Last night we took her to the emergency room, the pain was so bad she could hardly talk. The ER staff and cardiologist on call were completely stumped. Does anyone have any ideas or has this happened to anyone? I...


tanning beds

can a person with a pacemaker get into a tanning bed?

thanks for any info.


Felt like my heart stopped and started

Last nite when I went to bed, I got a huge jolt in my chest, it felt like my heart just stopped and that maybe my pacer kicked in and started it again, has this ever happened to anyone else. The jolt was so big that my chest actually jumped........any comments on that one.



I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of electrolosis interfering with their pacer. I have been getting it for a few months and just began to wonder about it. I don't go back to my EP until June and didn't really want to wait to ask.


Help please from ElectricFrank

FOXXY posted a question recently about interference whilst on aircraft, I had a similar experience in January (I did post at the time.

I have since found these 2 interesting articles. May I ask for Franks input; or anyone else who has anything to ad.



RF fields

Hello all,just joined the group.Two short questions.I had my Medtronics Sensia L implanted six weeks ago.Do Medtronics do an info pack and is it available only in the USA? I am in the U.K. on the other side of the pond!
Any Ham radio ops on the list? I am still a bit concerned about the RF floating around when I operate on air.
Thanks in advance.


ipods are OK!

I just found this article. It says that ipods and other digital music players don't interfere with pacemakers. But, it does interfere with the equipment that interogates the pacemaker.

So, go ahead and play your music!!!!


Pacemaker irritability

I had a dual-chamber pacemaker inserted in 2006 after a serious MVA with spinal cord injury. Since then, I've experienced an increase in irritability of the pacemaker with any movement of the left arm, activity, motion, driving on a bumpy road, mowing the lawn (riding mower), etc. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how did your doctor help you resolve it?


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