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motorcycle helmet headsets

My husband and I use a stereo headset attached to our helmets to communicate while riding. ( I used to lean over his shoulder and shout in his ear before we got the headsets.) The microphone is installed on the left side of the helmet and the cord plugs into a cigarette-lighter type plug on the left side of the motorcycle just below seat level. My pm is on my left side. Has anybody had any experience with this type of setup?


USB Modem

My daughter got a dongle / USB modem that fits in the side of her laptop and connects to the internet via the mobile telephone mast. It says that it can affect pacemakers, anybody any experience of these???

I would presume it should be treated similar to a mobile phone?

She is only asking in advance of coming home on leave


Caution - Electronic Body Fat Scales and Pacemakers

Something I was not aware of until recently when I was looking at purchasing some new electronic bathrooom scales:

Caution! Body fat monitors should not be used by anyone with a pacemaker or by pregnant women. The small electric current emitted to measure body fat could interfere with the functioning of pacemakers and may be harmful to pregnant women.

Apparently electronic body fat scales send some kind of electronice wave through your body that may disrupt the pacemaker. I...


Warning this jacket contains magnets

The following message was emailed to the Club for posting.

We purchased a winter snow mobile jacket for Derek and didn’t notice the tag stated:

"Warning this jacket contains neodynium magnets that may cause interference with artificial pacemaker devices"

Apparently there are many jackets now that are using magnets to close over the zippers. Please forward this message to all of the pacemaker people, kids and families.


pacemaker question

Good Evening........I have just joined the club, I have had the pacemaker implanted for a while. Would anyone know if the electric motors in the Prius auto cause disruption to the pacer?
Also does anyone have experience with radiation from amateur radio transmitters in the automobile or even cell phones. Petrus Thanks in advance


Heating Pads


I have just joined the PaceMaker Club and would like to know if anyone knows whether or not you can use a heating pad if you have a pacemaker. I have been told, not by my doctor, which I keep forgetting to ask, but by friends. By the way, they do not have the device. This is why I am turning to you guys for any answers or advice you might offer.




My lovely wife and I take once a year vacation to Las Vegas, NV.
My wife just got a pacemaker and we were wondering if driving through HOOVER DAM would cause any interference once it is a power generating plant. Has anyone driven through it? Thanks for the repplies!
May God Bless you all!


PM and Defibrilating?

First of all, I have no idea if I spelled that right or if it's even a word. But the question is, what happens if a defibrillator is used on a pacemaker patient? Is that bad? Someone asked me and it occurred to me that I have no idea...


loop system interferance

morning everyone ,my hubby is also hard of hearing as well as having pm and merchanical mitral valve ,have been told that some things may interfer with pm ,hubby uses loop system wired up to tv and wears a recever round his neck witch sends signals to his hearing aids does any one no if this will interfer with his pm he hasnt used it since pm was fitted a few weeks ago thanx x


Magnetic Card Readers?

So we have card readers for security where I work. I didn't even realize they are magnetic until my boss was asking me if that was going to cause me problems. Anybody know?


new study: earbud interference

This is a quote from an article in yesterday's Toronto Star:
"In research presented today at a major heart conference in New Orleans, Harvard University scientists said headphones, most commonly used for digital players, can interfere with implanted pacemakers and defibrillators if placed in close proximity."

This is not the iPod problem that was in the news a while ago. This new study says that earbuds shouldn't come within abo...


Ipod headphones

There was an article in the Biritish press today that strong magnets within Ipod headphones can affect pacemakers. Ipod users have been warned not to have the headphones resting on the chest or within a breast pocket.


Chainsaw question

I have a couple of acres and need to saw now and then. Is a device available that would shield the saw interference or otherwise allow the use of saws and/ or brush/weed cutters?
I'm am a recent defibrillator implant owner and have many more questions. I am so glad to find you!


Ipod interference

Hi folks

I haven't been in for a while but happy to report all is well in Chrissie land. I hope it is well with you all.

I know that there has been many postings and discussions about the use of ipods and interference but I thought that I would share a recent experience with you.

I brought myself an ipod shortly before my pm last November and have used it without incident for nearly a year. I often use it during the night if I can not sleep, I always lay it on m...


Cordless Headphones

My Mother is fitted with a pacemaker. She is fairly deaf and has difficulty hearing her television. My husband and I suggested she have a set of cordless headphones which would assist. She is concerned that these would interfere with her pacemaker. Can you please give some advice


I think I was hit

I was coming out of a Target store the other day and when I walked through the exit doors I felt something very strange in my chest.

It was not painful and I felt fine. I'm not really sure how to describe it, kind of like a muscle twitch you get after you exercise hard and then relax.

Is it possible that it was from the electronic anti theft system at the exit door? I didn't think these would do that.


Newbie Question

Hello all. I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op and all the interference with my PM is getting on my nerves. It seems like everything in the house makes this thing go crazy. The taste of metal is another thing. I have that a lot. I had my post op check and they gave me the phone device. We set that on top of the fridge and it like turned the darn thing into a big magnet. Our microwave went out. We moved it to another room and the microwave came back on. My chest hurt and my hr was messed up for sev...




My name is Blas Muniz (friends call me B). I just joined the club...Wanted to say hi and see who online...


lawn mowing

my wife keeps freaking out when I try to mow the lawn. Is it safe?




This is all new to me and my question today is when can one sleep on the side their pm was implanted?

Another question is does the feeling of having something in ones chest ever go away?



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