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Pacemaker-defib icd

question   will gs tracking unit in work truck interfer with Pacer, My company has taken me off the job for fear tracking unit will interfer with my pacer


Pacemakers and MEDALLIONS on Cruise Ships

I am unable to get a straight answer from the Cruise Lines. My question is whether these MEDALLIONS will affect my pacemaker. I don't want to be in a packed elevator with MEDALLIONS. 

I was told I could use the stairs but that is not an option for me. 

Can anyone help me?

Thank you, Lorraine 


Virtual Reality (VR) and pacemakers.

Hello PM community! I wanted to ask if i can use a VR headset like the Oculus Quest, (or other) without it doing any harm to me. 

I have no problems with cell-phone VRs.


Pacemaker Shielding Materials

Please help!

I've had a Medtronic Advisa for the past 9 years. For the past few years all has been well. But late last year my PM check-up showed a 30 second pacing inhibition. When it occurred I was staying at a large rented property that my husband runs a classical musical festival at. I've been there twice a year for 5 years with no incident.

PM tech suggested the inhibition was caused by either a faulty shower or ungrounded appliance. But I've checked with the owne...



Pacemaker with MRI compatibility for patients who have bullet in the body is useful or Not?


LED Whitening

Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if LED teeth white ing systems interfere with PMs? 

thanks :)



Recent questions from members about haidressing have tended to be about driers etc. My concern is the clippers. I have to keep even fairly weak magnetic fields , e.g. from loudspeakers i mobile 'phones, away (so must always hold my 'phone to my RIGHT ear, and AC fields, e.g. from induction hobs, or welders are also likely to scramble the programming. I know the motors in hair clippers are very small, but is there any possibly that they could be a problem if they come very close t...


Beauty Devices

Is the info on devises just to cover their butt

or can you use them? What about lasers,

ultherapy,etc. Would like to participate in the new anti aging devises that do really work now adays but can't get a straight answer. So maybe I already have it, No.  Any more info on the subject?


Digita Scale's

Hi, can anyone recommend a good digital scale that does NOT interfere witha PM?



I have just had a pacemaker implanted. I use headphones with a cable lead to listen to my my CD player or my TV so not disturb the neighbours. Will it interfere with my pacemeker and how about if I  get new headphones with Bluetooth and listen wirelessly? Thanks for any advive....  .  


Magnet in Joule Sous vide cooker danger to pacemaker

I purchased a Joule Sous vide for cooking but there was a warning in the instructions about keeping the magnet in it away from pacemakers. How far away? Should I return it. How dangerous is this if I use it in the kitchen while my husband with a pacemaker is there?


EMI measurement

my manual from Biotronik speaks to electro magnetic interference and care to avoid.  Airport scanners both walk through and hand held and the chain saw???  Does anyone have any experience with quality EMI measurement devices that might be worth using to measure the amount of EMI present?


lawn mowers

I have read in other places that lawn mowers will interfere.  Any experiences with this?


pacemaker around large industrial magnets

I work in a plate steel mill.  We us large industrial magnets to move steel plate.  My dr has said that i need a pacemaker but is concerned about my workplace.  Info is hard to find and be difinitive.  Anyone else work in environment with industrial magnets? 


Keyboard electronic interference

Christmas Greetings from a Newbie..My son gave me a Microsoft 900 wireless keyboard & I'm concerned.... The manual says keep 6" away, but you people are the Pro's...  Anyone have inside poop on thi issue?  Thanks. electroboy



wireless keyboard & mouse-Microsoft nine-hundred

Greetings from a Newbee... I, of course, have become watchful & wary of other electronic devices I may be around- Heck, I even wrapped Alum-foil around my "Smart-meter"(it's under my bedroom window). So when my son gave me a wire-less computer keyboard, I became a tad concerned...The owners manual says 6 inches but what do they know...? Anyone have any inside poop on that issue?  thanks & Merry Christmas, Electroboy


Smart Watches

Hello  can anyone tell me if it is safe to wear a smartwatch with a pacemaker.


Magnets on name tags

I have a name tag which has a very powerful magnet to keep the name tag on my person. The magnet even has a warning to keep it away from a pacemaker.  Is it safe to wear the name tag on the right side of my chest, the PM is of course high up on the left side.?


Fit Bit Versa 2

Has anyone had a problem with the Fit Bit Versa 2 and their pacemaker.  I saw a warning with it


Radio Frequency Facial


I have booked a Radio Frequency facial and just discovered that apparently RF interfers with the pacemaker.

I am struggling to understand why a RF wand on my face will interfere with the PM?  This is not a super strong RF as it is a beauty treatment.

Anyone had any experience of this?



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Your friends want to store MP3 files on your device.

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