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i have the sprint lead 6949

i am 21 years old and i have the recalled lead 6949 i had an alarm put on it but when they did it i could not hear the alarm. i am worried about it going off and not hearing it. every day i stress about it fracturing and i dont know what to do about it i am only 21 i dont need this stress everyday what can i do abou this recall.


OptiVol Fluid Monitoring


I found out during my last visit to my EP that my ICD has a feature, described below, that monitors the build-up of fluids in the thoracic cavity that is apparently caused by overindulging on liquids & high salt intake from food.

My doctor showed me a chart and asked what I was doing around New Year's and the week before in general. I told him I was celebrating the holidays like lots of people do here in the US and he replied that everyone "cheats" on their diets at...


medtronic lead recall/sprint fidelis

ICD Friends,

Since medtronic lead recall lately, I've been just waiting here patiently hoping that the alarm won't sound; Otherwise it's also hoping that the lead will not act up and fracture. It's all so stupid, we're so scared and because I've already had a lead replacement last year it's like "what now?" I'm numbed. Also, everytime you hear something sounds akin to the "beep" of the alert, you cringe in fear....what sort of life is this?
Anyone out there in the same predicamen...


Life Insursnace

Hi there, I want to wish a healthier 2008 to all of us and families from (not so today) sunny Malta.

I have a question regarding Life Insurance. I have had an ICD for the last 5 years now and this had followed two pacemakers that i had for the previous 13 years. My problem is that I need to make a life insurnace but could not find an insurer that could help me. Anyone knows of an insurance company that cater for us?

looking forwrad for a positive answer.



  • by bob
  • 2007-12-20 01:12:41
  • ICDs

i am four weeks post-implant; was a consistent exerciser before, in otherwise good health. my doctor can't give any helpful guidance on limits of what/how vigrorous upper body workouts might cause problems with the implant and its placement. i'd like to return to pushups, pullups, exercises involving overhead pulleys, and so on. but i don't want to do anything that might cause the implant to shift or be damaged or pull the leads. (obviosly i know to avoid direct impact to the site itself). do an...


New Pacemaker

I just received a new pacemaker, and I have some questions. Anyone care to chat?


Running with ICD

I've started to get back into running, but I find when I go from a fast walk to a slow run that although my heart rate stays the same I get a sensation that feels like my heart is being paced - the heart does not feel normal. Any suggestions on what might be happening?



Mom's ICD...very concerned

Hello! My dear mother has a St.Jude ICD which was implanted in April, 07. ( I might add she is a tiny woman...barely 100 pounds) In July, she had to go back in because one of the leads had come loose. Now it appears as if something is sticking out...lead that was capped off...she calls it an "ice pick" because it is so very painful. Right now, even showering hurts her.

The suggestion now is to go back in and place the ICD under the muscle to give her relief. I guess I'm afraid to...


pannic attack or heart prob ??

  • by Aztec
  • 2007-12-11 01:12:58
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hi all, iam 46yrs had cardiomyopthy all my life its been controled by meds inderal 60mgs a day, well my doc changed my meds lastyear to tropel 50mgs a day since then i had my first in 20yrs i started meds when i was 20 , panic attack or heart defib ? i got short of breath sweating real bad blacking out allmost while i tell my doc she says put in a defib ok its in now 3 months i get my attack again i get shocked at 188 BPM GO BACK TO THE DOCS THEY RAISE IT TO 200 BPM, with pacing at...



I have had my ICD for about six years now (I had it implanted at 16 and am now 22), and have experienced some anxiety in the past but never as bad as on this past Friday evening. As many of you know, panic attacks are frightfully similar to heart-related episodes (so much so that I cannot tell the difference, and I've definitely had both), and so while it very well may have been my cardiomyopathy acting up, I'm skeptical because I don't believe my heartrate was elevated enough for me to get defi...


What do you do?

Hello all! My name is Michael Schaap and I am new to this group. Actually, I think I posted a few times when I got my unit. Here's the question.... what do you do when your defib unit goes off? I am VERY CONFUSED as to what to do.

Last Wensday I had what I thougth was the flu. Came home with body aches, chills, shacking, sweating like crazy, you know the symtoms. Crawled into bed and fell asleep. Then what happened is I thought my defib unit fired. Heard the big BOOM and wok...


Driving Restrictions

Just a general question about driving restrictions when zapped by an ICD. Over here in the UK it's a six month restriction and your required to surrender your licence. Is this the same in other countries or do the restrictions vary? I'm told they do but I don't know the detail. I'm currently on a 6 month restriction and was wondering whether this was universal. I have to say I really feel OK to drive and it's frustrating when your not allowed to. Using public transport is a whole new experience!...



HI, I have a pacemaker/defibrillator, I want to purchase a Bose entetainment cd/dvd entetainment unit. Has anyone had a problem getting a rapid heart beat with this unit. I know it has happen to me a few time when I was at a wedding with very loud music. I don't play music loud, but would like to know if this could effect my pacemaker. Any info would be appreciated.



is this normal ?

  • by Aztec
  • 2007-12-01 06:12:00
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hi there, Dose anyone know about this i have a icd inplanted for my cardiomyopthy and yesterday i got my first shock since i got it in june, well all of the sudden it was bang and a bright light and my ears were ringing no pain at all, oh yes i was having a episode before it went off i felt faint... i know its working but is the flash normal....

Thanks :")


ICD testing

Does anyone know where I can get a defective ICD Interrogated independently?? Best to all Oh!! no its not still inside me...


Sprint Fidelis Leads

Hello all,
I'm sure many of you have read about the Sprint Fidelis Lead
(Models 6930, 6931, 6948, 6949) recalls. I myself have some leads implanted (6949), along witha Medtronic ICD. Luckily I have had no issues with them. I'm due for a checkup next week. .
I am bascially posting this message for people with these leads. I was just wondering for the people who have these leads implanted or know of people with them. Maybe contact me just to see what your status is with you...


back from the doc

  • by dibs
  • 2007-11-14 07:11:04
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Saw the rep from Medtronic and yes we have the infamous 6949 lead. We found ALOT today.
First John has Cardio Myopathy due to the 2 arteries 90% blocked, then the heart attack. They had hoped that his heart would improve with a medicine regemin but it didnt. His heart is quite compromised due to the damage done because of the heart attack. He is paced @ 100% with a Bi-V because of this.

He passed out last night -- first time in three months. But when the EP interrogated and we...


Backpack Blower use with ICD

Does andyone have experience in using a backpack yard blower with and ICD implant. I have a Stihl 420 backpack blower and would like to know if anyone has had experience with using such a tool.


New ICD recipient

  • by dibs
  • 2007-11-11 10:11:47
  • ICDs

Hi all,
My name is Donnal. My Boyfriend who is 48 had a massive heart attack at 42- two arteries @ 90% blockage.
could only stent one and waited 4 years to stent the other.
He passed out about three months ago just after a stress test and the last stent. The Cardiologist recommended a ICD to be implanted immediately.
John is also quite bipolar and with the worries himself sick over the ICD. I need advice from your experiences with your device.
He is going this Tuesd...


Removal of an ICD

Hi, I am new to this pacemaker club and hopefully some one can answer my question. My physician has informed me that effective Jan. 2008 he will remove my ICD.

Now the question can anyody give me information on the affects and problems once the ICD is removed?

Thanks, Barbara


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