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I am new to having pacemaker/dibulator. I had mine done May 2006 no problems until Sat. 2008 I started getting zapped. Went to the ER showed that it never went off, labs came back ok. No one seems to have an answer why I keep getting zapped. Any help? Going to the Heart Dr. on Weds. May 21.


Back home from the hospital

Hi everyone,

I had my ICD implanted on Tuesday, and came back home late yesterday afternoon. Everything went well, and my surgeon, doctors and nurses were all wonderful and really went out of their way to make me comfortable. I have rheumatoid arthritis and can't straighten my arms, and my surgeon actually let me rest my arms across my stomach instead of strapping them to my sides.. he just made me promise I wouldn't try to "help him out" with the surgery!

I had the device...


New to site

Hello all, I just had an icd implanted for brugada syndrome and just have a few questions about some issues. The device was just installed on 5-6 and I can't sleep on my left side without feeling the pacing or at least that is what I think it is. I did lift my arm above my shoulder by accident and had severe pain. Just wondering what damage can be done, can the leads have been jeopardized? Or is all this normal?

Thanks for any help,



Getting my ICD next week

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the board but have been reading some of the older posts and finding them very helpful. I'm 24 and will be getting my ICD next Tuesday. My Dad got his last summer and my uncle just got one last week, so I do know a bit about them, but so far I am the only female in our family to need one. I have HCM and Brugada syndrome. My Dad, aunt, and uncles have HCM but I am the only one who has been found to have Brugada syndrome. I was supposed to have an ablation for Wol...



  • by sll
  • 2008-05-06 11:05:46
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Hi There - I have a subpectoral ICD implant. However, a big portion of the ICD is sticking out of my chest. My Dr. said that it is the area where the leads are located. Unfortunately, due to complications in the surgery, the entire device is not subpectorally implanted which is why it is sticking out. The problem I am having now is that it is red in that area and swollen and starting to be painful. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this. It also hurts under my left breast area...



Hello, Everyone!

I am new to this site and actually found when I googled my problem. I have a pm/difib and have had since Sept 2005. I collapsed on my honeymoon and was told that I had Long Q-T syndrome. (We were at a restaurant preparing to go over the bridge for the Keys when I died, caused by my fear of the bridge)!

I have 2 problems (well, more then that, but I am not here to discuss those ;) ). I work as a CNA (Certified Nurse's Aide) and a few months ago, as I w...


Follow up to Shock That Saved Me

Well I was still having palpatations even on the amiodarone. I was transfered back to the heart hospital and they did a re-loading dose of the amiodarone. Even still had palpatations. I had a medic friend of mine do a rhythm strip and 12 lead EKG to find out that I was having a slow VT. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my EP doctors and the amiodarone was stopped and I had a VT/PVC ablation, a 5 hour procedure. They tell me it went well, but they were unable to find the pvc's that...


dizzy & headaches

  • by Moe
  • 2008-04-30 05:04:11
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Hi my name is Maureen my husband Guy had a pace maker put in on January 22, 2008 he fainted at home on that day I called the peramedics they took him to the emergency when heart doctor was in talking to us Guy flat lines for 15 seconds doctor said he needed a pace maker Guy has no heart problems no clogged arteries all the test came back good he just has a slow heart rate he is a marathon runner ever since he has had the pace maker put in he doesn't feel like himself he still feels dizzy and has...


Tanning Beds

Can anyone tell me if they have ever used a tanning bed. Do I need to cover the unit with something. I have had it for 3 years now. Doing fine with it.

I have read that it is alright to and then others have told me not too.

If you do use a tanning bed can you let me know if it worked for you.



The Shock that Saved Me

First let me begin by saying that I have had a Biventricular ICD implanted in Oct 05. For re-syncronization therapy, and since my ejection fraction was reduced I'd be at a greater risk for sudden life threating arrhythmias. Well last week at work, I became dizzy, just about lost consciousness, received 1 shock from my ICD and felt fine other than the fact I was still having palpitations, so I went to the ER. There I became very anxious in fear of my device firing again and was given some meds...


Riding mowers..

Does anyone know if it`s OK to use a riding lawn mower after ICD implant??? I had mine on 03/31/08.


Dumb Question

So I haven't flown since I got my ICD. Do those of us with an implant get to cut into the front of the security line since we can't go through the metal detectors or do we have to wait in line like everyone else and then go around? Just curious because someone told me they seem to think we get to go to a separate area and bypass the security line entirely.


Child with ICD

  • by Anita
  • 2008-04-04 03:04:14
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My 14 year old son has had an ICD for 15 mos. In june he had a ICD storm and was shocked 8 times in 20 min. He has ventricular tachycardia. He had 4 open heart surgeries before he was 6 weeks old. He has tachycardia from scar tissue from multiple heart surgeries. His heart rate goes over 300bpm. He has had a total of 9 shocks and it has charged up on several occations. He has always been shocked when he was playing; therefore he doesn't play . He has alot of anxiety and has panic attacks.He is s...



Hello everyone, last thursday i had my pm.icd replaced due to low batteries. The first 5 days i had a headache, that would not quite. Went to medical dr on Monday, told me it was due to low blood pressure, and the anesthesia, have me pain pills. Today is the first day I am feeling normal. Site is still sore but not as bad after the replacement was put in. Ordered the confort her pad for my bra strap, will let all you girls know if it works. Going to work tomorrow but will only work 1/2 day. Al...


bra pad

Bra, Hi, It is advertised on this site, under the soft touch. Have not used it yet but I know what you are saying. Also try to wear a bra where the clips are in the back instead of the front. This will relieve the pressure on your site. Good luck jbkeys


new icd patient


just had icd impamted yesterday(3/31/08).
still sore and getting used to it. any tips etc...?



  • by Marci
  • 2008-03-30 05:03:30
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I am new at this, but I am wondering if anyone has expericenced any sharp pain, or like a knife stab to the lift side. This happend to me about three months ago. A friend of mine said I looked real pale. When I went to the Dr. and I told him what happened, I was told that it was not a shock from my ICD. I wonder what it could have been?


Had pm/icd changed due to low batteries

Hello , this past thursday my Pm/icd was changed, was going on 6 yrs. came home thurday night, I have had a headache since thursday, the site is very sore.They told me I can go back to work on Monday, Has anyone gone thru this and returned to work in this short period of time. Any advice. jbkeys


Need help - Divers (scuba) please read

  • by DP
  • 2008-03-28 09:03:56
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Boston Scientific (who purchased Cadance) is in the process of testing their new devices to 5 atmospheres (ATA). Since the testing and study are currently under way - if we can all make calls and encourage the testing to "7 atmospheres" (ATA) we will accomplish several things. See bottom of post for phone number contact. This is our chance to make a positive change as the costs are mostly just additions to the current study. Once they stop testing, it would be quite costly to undertake a ne...


how it feels

i am suppose to have a defibiulator surgery on april 11,2008 can anyone tell me what to expect or if i have anything to worry about.


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