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  • by Jonq
  • 2020-10-21 18:34:01
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My s icd is under my left armpit but feel weird and sore now and then i had the surgery done about 4 weeks but get sore now and then also since i got this put in the mental and emotional side has got to me very anxious scared worried depressed because of this and what i hear 


Inappropriate Shocks

Within days of my implant, my ICD gave me about 8-10 inappropriate shocks.  It took the EMS to get them stopped.   I initially had no idea what to expect.  IT sounded like an a hot electrical wire touching another hot electrical wire. I was washing eggs in the sink and I thought that maybe a small appliance fell in the water.  Things were happening so fast that I could not reason what was going on. For me,   It was painful.  I have no idea if that is wh...


2 more shocks

I received 2 shocks from my ICD this Monday late afternoon.  I felt my heart go fast, which it's been doing, and then, whammo!  I called my EP in tears (I have his personal cell phone #), and he told me to call 911 and get down on the floor.  I went downstairs and waited for EMS to arrive.  The interrogation at my local 'community' hospital (they have an older unit than I have for sending info) showed I had 2 vfib events.  I was eventually transferred...



  • by Jonq
  • 2020-09-16 11:14:25
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I just got my pacemaker battery changed and a s icd implanted too under my left arm pit area been out hospital 4 days recovering well i just wanted to know whoever has and s icd or icd when recovered can i go back to normal lifestyle out with friends alcohol weekends because i know they say alcohol can cause heart to go fast and may trigger icd 


Cost of a HEART ICD device in the Philippines

Anyone know the cost of a ICD pacer/defibrillator in the Philippines? I would like to know the cost of one and the Manufacturer. It would be a 2 lead device. I have a Saint Jude (now Abbott labs with the Merlin home monitoring system. It is not supported in the Philippines so I may need to do a replacement to one supported there. 


Does anyone use the Medtronic iPhone app (MyCare Link smart or heart)

  • by WIK
  • 2020-08-24 22:03:25
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Is either of the two apps better than the other, or do they even work with an ICD?  Evidently they potentially could replace my bedside monitoring equipment, which would be beneficial for travel.  Are they reliable?   Thanks!




Feel "Some" pacing and not others

I have had a new ICD implanted about 12months ago.  When l had a checkup, they told me the device is pacing me about 16% of the time which l believe is due to my heart rate being quite slow of a night given the medications l am on to forcefully slow my heart rate.  If my heart goes at <=50bpm, it will pace me to keep me at a minimum of 50bpm.

With that said, i DO NOT feel this pacing.


Now, occasionally, l do fee some pacing, it is like a slight tens machi...


New to this

I have to go on Thursday to have an ICD inserted.  How horrible is the recovery?

Also, Did you notice an improvement in your fatigue after?

Can you still drink wine?



Problem with a lead?

Does this sound familiar to anybody?  

I am realizing tonight I may have a problem with a lead, and I would assume my RV. I have had the oddest feeling for the last week.  I am getting a slight vibration, almost feeling like something is crawling in me, between my shoulder blade and spine, deep in my chest, feeling it in my back and not my front. It lasts several minutes at a time (trying to pay attention to duration and frequency) and are sometimes more in...


High-voltage shock

I'd like to hear from anyone with an ICD who has received a strong shock. First-hand experience only please.  I am scheduled to have one of these devices implanted in the next week, and I want to know what a strong shock feels like.  I have heard it's like a horse kick to the chest or being hit with a baseball bat.  I really don't want to worry about this happening while I'm driving or doing other activities.  Is the shock really that strong?  It sound...


If I get a shock

Curious to know...will I pass out or be dead before the ICD shock happens? What if I'm driving or swimming?




can anyone tell if they have been shocked by there icd, if is it as dramatic as some people say it is ,eg feels like getting kicked by a horse, not that many poeople get kicked by horses


3 beeps heard?

Had to have a icd procedure on July 2nd 2020. It has been slow healing. My question is this. I have a saint Jude model cd2411-36q. I thought I may have heard. 3 slow beeps. Nothing else. I was told these icds do not make sounds just vibration. I go back to doctor on Aug 11th for first reading. Is there someone on here who may have this pacer with info about sounds? Thank you and Godbless


Heart rate at 138 whilst resting. Is this normal? I've got an ICD fitted for long qt


I had a ICD fitted last year for long qt syndrome. I had in infection recently and my heart rate was a bit high, the doctor referred me to the hospital and I used a cardio call monitor for a week, still waiting on any results. Today my heart rate has been 138 this morning and 101 tonight whilst resting. Is this normal? I am on Nadalo. Is 80mg. Thanks for any advice 


Before I can drive?

I'm scheduled to get my ICD next week. They mentioned two weeks before I can drive any more than to the store.

How long was it before the let you drive after the install procedure? - Mike

Was it being away from the local area they were concerned with?


ICD Education

I was due to have an ICD installed in March when the hospital stopped taking elective procedures because of COVID-19. I was rescheduled for June 8th. I postponed this procedure because I had some questions about the ICD model my doctor selected; the St. Jude Medical 2-wire.

During my research on ICDs, I came across a battery reliability study on the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health's website; This study is dated Oct/De...


bruises on my arms, and I never had before

  • by mocus
  • 2020-05-24 20:32:52
  • ICDs

I am 81 and never had a pacemaker before, now I wonder can a pacemaker get my heart pumping so good thAT THE 325mg. asprin is now acting like a blood thinner, more than it did before. 


ICD swelling and numbness

I've had my ICD for 6 weeks now and my left arm is constantly swelling as well as my hand which leaves it feeling numb and tingling. Has anyone else experienced this?


Replace or not

  • by DMJ
  • 2020-04-25 14:02:01
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If you can see you have had not reason for a ICD in 4 years, no shocks and it is time to replace it would you downgrade to just a biventricular PM without the ICD?  I will be almost 70 with CHF and EF of 15% right now.  I don't want to deal with it if I'm dying.


Pacing SVT

I received a call the other day from a technician looking at my remote monitoring results telling me that my heart rate went to around 200 and I was paced out of an arrhythmia/SVT. No shock received. 

I was just wondering if a  SVT that is paced out of by a pacemaker is less severe and not as serious as an SVT that one has to receive a shock from your ICD? 

Is it uncommon to have your pacemaker pace you our of these SVT? More common than being shocked?



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Bad hair days can be blamed on your device shorting out.

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