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Help, I need input!

While on Chemo, I was put on Amiodarone for Atrial Fib. After chemo I wanted to get off of this nasty drug. Since then I have been on Propafanone, Flecanide, Tikosyn and 2 ablations, I am at the point of either another ablation (if I have the courage) or a pacemaker with AVNode ablation. The rock and roll effect of the AF has decreased quite a lot, so I am more comfortable, but the energy level and stamina is crappy. I would like to hear from anyone with a pacemaker or someone with similiar...


My Lump

Hi, my name is Paul and I live in Austin, Tx. I just received my device 4 weeks ago (st. jude #365) and its been very difficult. I found this site and viewed some postings and see that I am far from being alone! My device moves when I lift my arm just like the other member was saying....phew glad to hear that. I must go find a job now, although I get tired so easy I am scared. I am glad that this site is here and I wish fellow members a hello and smile. Thanks for allowing me your time. Paul


New, improved website!

Hi Everyone, WOW - this new website is fabulous but I am having a heck of a time using it. I feel very awkward, most likely because I could almost navigate the old site with my eyes closed (exaggeration). It will take a little time to get accustomed to the changes but the site looks very professional and is extremely well done. Great job, Blake!


New Website


To post a message, click on forum and scroll up to post a message. (for those who did not notice it yet) The new format looks nice Blake.



You know you're wired when...

Muggers want your ICD, not your wallet.

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