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new pm

I'm a male, 47 who was training for my 1st marathon when I had to have a pacemaker put in last Monday. It's been a week and I'm not feeling all that great or wonderful. Everyone told me that I would feel great right away. I am getting better a little at a time but I feel like I have a rock in my chest. My voice has also changed, I have a cough and it hurts to bend over. I also feel the pm kicking at times. I don't want to complain much because I'm grateful for the chance to be healthy. I...


spam filter words

What are some of the spam filter words you had to write in the spam box before you posted? Not random ones, but ones that can form some sort of a word. So far, I had:
Some people mentioned they had to write:

hahahaha, this is fun :) or do I need to get out more? lol!
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Officially Coming Out of Hibernation

Tomorrow's the day I get my new pacemaker. Sorry I haven't been in touch with any of you but I have not been doing well. Since March 8 I've been in battery-saving mode with intermittent afib and now, mild congestive failure. But all is not doom and gloom. Spring is officially here and today I found the most beautiful red amaryllis blooming on my front porch, a present from my 84 year old mother! She is also going to dog sit Abbey while I'm in the hospital because Abbey is recovering from a v...



Hi im new to this site. Ive just been told by my doctor that they want me to have a pace maker fitted. Im 20 years old and the thought of having a pace maker petrifies me. Has any body got any advice or experiences they could share with me? If so i would really appreciate it!!


~!~!~hApPy B-dAy~!~!~

Yes, that's right, another pacer birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Heckboy: March 26, 1962

which means you are 20 minus 10 times 4 divided by 4 plus 80 minus 35 minus 10 years old :)
Did you know you share this birth date (not year) with singer Diana Ross and actor Martin Short? That's some useful information right there. Savor it. hehe
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Why does it take three times to log-in on this site. I had my passcode remembered and it will not let me log in. Good thing I wrote down the new passcode, but I have to hunt for it before I can log in. Anyone else having this problem? Judy


Newbie Pacemaker Questions


I'm scheduled to have an EP test and most likely a pacemaker installed on 4/10 so I'm wondering what to expect after the device is installed. I'm a 56 year old MWM who has had a slow pulse rate, lower 40s to upper 30s, since I was first hooked up to an EKG machine. Now it appears that my pulse drops into the 20s while I sleep and the overnight halter monitor showed lots of "squiggly" lines when my heart did some kind of reset while I slept. The only other symptoms I appear to h...


Admin acknowledgement

I wrote this on another post but felt I should post it hre as well. I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that though there have been a few things with the new format that some of us either do not like or need to get used to , the admin. is doing a great job with not only listening to the opinions but also going with those ideas that seem to work to make the site easier to use. I know this is "their " site but they never make one feel as if our collective ideas aren't considered. They really are...


About Diets Pills

Can a pacemaker recepient take over the counter diet pills??? I asked my doctor and he said it was ok, but even though the pills I plan to take to reduce hunger and loose weight claim to be safe(a combinations of african hoodia and advantra as main ingredients), the box says that I should consult my doctor before I take them and that they are not for people with heart problems. Is anyone here taking diet pills for weight control here??? thank you in advance for your anwers.


Good work

Hi Blake
Just a note to say Kudos on the new site. After I got my help to log in I have had no troubles logging in. Thanks for all the hard work
John S


Thanks for listening

Thanks to the administrators for listening to all of our input. Today is MUCH better!!


New look ;)

Hi everyone, I agree with Peter's comments.
All of the changes to this site are going to take some time to adjust to. Overall I think it's kinda like my beetle being taken away from me and I've been given a brand new car to drive and no asked me what I wanted. After awhile you get used to the new car. Then you get to where it has a lot of new features that you didn't have before and you become comfortable with the new look. Doesn't mean I don't miss the beetle, but hey. let's move forward....


New site format

Hi Guys,
sure the new site is a bit different, but it will get easier the more you navigate it, it is like changing operating systems on your computer.....just seems a little hostile at first...then as you get familiar with it you would not want to go the previous version.
There are bound to be a few teething problems at first, what Blake needs is well thought out feedback that will help him to make the changes to smooth a few wrinkles out.
So for all of you are having pr...


Got Muscles?

I've had my Pacemaker almost four months now. I am into bodybuilding and have a very muscular build so as I continue to get back the hard body I notice my pacer becomes very visible, no big deal really, however, the leads exiting the pacer going under the collarbone are being pushed against the skin I swear it looks so paper thin and becomes a bit sore at times. Some times it feels as though the leads will break through the skin. even my wife has taken notice of it. I've talked to my Dr. about...



This would be good for new pace maker clients

Please let me know how you feel bout this site I found online


Who's online

On the old fomat you could tell who was online and now you can't.How can u do so now,


I'm ready to give up!!!

Why does it take so many tries to login to this forum?

Also, half the time I can't post a comment because it tells me something I've done is invalid -- when it really isn't!!

I'm ready to give up...and that makes me very sad.


Dealing with the pacemaker!

I am 21 and just got a pacemaker put in a week ago today. I faced 2 ablations before they determined that I had no choice but to get a pacemaker my 30% chance turned into a 99% dependent on it 7 hours into surgery when my heart started dropping. I am curious to know if it really changed your life dramatically getting a pacemaker. I feel very lucky and blessed to be alive and I would love to hear any advice any of you have. Thanks so much.


I copied and pasted for admin to see

Status report

message This application is not currently available

description The requested service (This application is not currently available) is not currently available.


Apache Tomcat/6.0.10
P.S. this is what was showing upon my last try to post. It took a few but finally went through. This is different than the other one I got for another post. If that one...


~*~Happy Birthday to BOWLRBOB!!~*~

Happy, Happy Birthday..... from all of us to you!
Happy, Happy 1942!
Bowlrbob: March 24, 1942
Happy Birthday Bob! I hope you have a great birthday. Do you realize that your b-date is very cool? March 24, and then your year: 1942. Then you could switch it and be like the year: 1924 and March 42....only i now just realized it doesn't make sense, so never mind, hahahaLOL!!!
take care,


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