Phantom Shocks

Hello everyone, I have had my ICD for 8 mths now...the first week home I had this shock that made my whole body jerk, but when I went to the dr he said it was nothing...months went by where I would get these mini zaps but no one gives me a straight answer. I get them very consistently and very often. They are not the real deal because they don't knock me out they just cause me to let out a loud sigh/yell. But it is mild enough to call a zap- not a shok...does anyone else ever feel this way? And please don't tell me its in my head?



by pacerpearl - 2009-01-13 12:01:43

Hi. I've had very similar experiences with my ICD which I received in June 08. I've had a few of the body jerks, usually when I'm in bed sleeping and they wake me up promptly. In December, I had the body jerk followed by small shocks, like a rubberband popping in my chest. Haven't had the big shock yet, though, and it is a constant worry. I don't see the doc till April, so I will discuss it with him then. Take care.


little zaps

by proudmom - 2009-02-20 09:02:47

This very subject is why I ended up finding this site to begin with...found it about a week ago when I was trying to find an answer to what these little shocks were occurring, sometimes up to 15 at a time (just started after getting my new battery). The APN interrogated my device, but they weren't being recorded. While testing the leads manually, the shocks would occur again when he did one certain test. Everytime he repeated the test, it repeated the "mini" shock. He said my device doesn't perform the test on its own, so I shouldn't be having the issue at all. The APN called St. Jude's and talked with an engineer who makes the leads to see if he knew why it's happening. The engineer said he's never had anyone else to complain of it, and that there's no explanation.
Guess they haven't read any posts from this site!

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