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Hi all. Was diagnosed with SSS and had pacemaker implanted in August of 08. Was still feeling lightheaded and dizzy so went through two tilt table tests and failed the second one. Was diagnosed with POTS and NCS by my neurologist. In short, my EP wants me to try Florinef and my neurologist wants me to try Toprol. Had taken toprol before, only 25 mgs, but didn't seem to help. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions??



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by Angelie - 2008-10-20 02:10:32

add salt only if your BP isn't already high. If you already have high BP then you shouldn't increase salt intake, but lower it.


by Angelie - 2008-10-20 02:10:39

Florinef seems to make better sense to me. Toprol will slow the heart rate and minimize the heart's forcefulness when it beats. Florinef helps the body retain sodium, therefore helping you to retain water.
I have been on both of these. I didn't like either. I have SSS and was implanted 8/14/08. I only take Toprol now, but I am able to tolerate it much better now with the aid of a pacemaker. Together (Toprol and pacer) keep me in tip top shape.
Have you tried just adding salt to your diet. I would recommend that if your BP is already high. If you're passing out and dizzy, I would guess that you're BP runs on the low side (as mine does-or used to)
Also you could try support stockings. I didn't like those either, because they're not flattering on young women and they're hot in South Ga. Needless to say, they help with NCS and POTS.
POTS is extremely hard to treat and maintain. Your heart rate increases very rapidly upon standing and your blood pressure tries to accomodate for the rise in HR. It's a very difficult balancing act.
Doctors hand out Toprol like candy, because it's relatively safe and it won't hurt you to take it, although it does have some side effects. It decreases HR and flow therefore decreasing stress on your heart. Florinef has some side effects you should read up on as well.
From what I've read, Pacemakers don't really help all that well with POTS or NCS. I wish you the best of luck with these conditions. To me, they kind of are one in the same. They thought at first I had POTS, and the NCS that they diagnosed me with has passed and is no longer a problem and hasn't been for years.
Maybe your heart rates will soon normalize, and your blood pressure will be able to withstand your postural body changes. I do, hope so. I know what you're going through-EXACTLY.


by SMITTY - 2008-10-20 12:10:04

Hey Casey,

I can understand your consternation over the two medicines as they are used to treat totally different problems - see below. Discuss this with your doctors as it would appear that you have more than one illness and may need both medications. Has one doctor said they want you to take say, Toprol and not the Florinef or vice versa?

Florinef: This medication acts on the kidneys to hold sodium and increase potassium in the urine. It is used in the treatment of Addison's disease.

Toprol: This medication belongs to a class of drugs called beta-blockers. This medication slows the heart rate and reduces hypertension (high blood pressure). It is used in the treatment of angina (chest pain) and hypertension.

Good luck,


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