Its been awhile, 2 years in fact

Its been 2 years since my last check-up. I've had this PM since 7th grade and now i'm 21. The downfall of not having health care nor any money at all. My life has been up and downs for the past 4 years. I live with my grandmother, struggling to get into college. I lost ties with my mother and never had a father figure, and my grandmother is an awesome person. Still working for the government after 30 years, but hasn't had any money to help me along with these tough times. This is my 2nd pacer, since the recall hit me... which Larry King Foundations help pay for almost half of the 2nd operation and that was 2 years ago... It just makes me feel so bad when my grandmother has been taking care of my medical problems since i was 15, honestly since i was a baby. My mom has 6 other kids, half brother and half sisters of mine. I just don't know how to step out and ask for help from her anylonger, its been too long. i really just don't know what to do. I lost my job over a year ago and had such bad luck finding another, putting in at least 30-40 applications and having about 15-20 interviews. its a blower to me when I do feel the effects of not checking up, very minor but just reminds me that it took my mother till my heart rate was down to about 32 beats per minute to actually step in high gear. I do do everything in my power to make my grandmother happy and we have a very close relationship, but i'm her daughter's son if u know wat i mean...I'm very grateful to still be here becuase of the pacer, only about 10% of my lower chamber and 60% of my upper chamber works. but at times during all this i come to think of if it was just easier to let nature be nature... instead of seeing my grandmother cry like the day b4 my 2nd operation, b/c of how sad i get when my mom and step-dad should of helped me through all this...



by tcrabtree85 - 2008-10-10 05:10:47

I am 22 and understand that its hard when being on your own and trying to figure life out when you have a pm to think about. I suggest you look into the options that others listed. I can't say I completely understand where you are coming from but I do understand that its hard being on your own and facing problems and having nothing and have to depend on others to help you.
Take it slow and things will get easier file for all the assistance you can and see what kind of help you can get. I so far have not qualified for any yet but every time I go into the hospital which is often I ask what kind of assistant programs they offer in the hospital. For medical visits to the heart doctor I called the office and asked if they offered a assistance program with in the office. They gave me a year visits for free.
With jobs its a hard time to fine a job right now but look at one that does offer insurance plans you will be denied for anything pre-existing for the first year but after a year they can not deny you or at least that is what my dr has said to me.
I wish you luck and send me a private message if you need somebody to talk to.


job idea

by Tracey_E - 2008-10-10 07:10:48

Do you have a Starbucks near by? They offer good benefits and you don't even have to work full time to qualify. In addition to health care, they can help pay for college, depending on what you study.

It doesn't matter how many other kids she has, your mother still has a responsibility to you! It's up to you if you want to ask your mother for help but don't feel bad when your grandmother feels sad for you. She obviously loves you, part of love is feeling bad when the person you care for gets a raw deal and you can't fix it. You're very fortunate to have your grandmother.

Do you qualify for Medicaid?

Help with Medical issues...

by pacepal - 2008-10-10 10:10:04

Hello.....I see from your Bio that you listed the state of
Maryland as your place of residence. Is there a chance
that you may qualify for state assistance through a
Medicaid program? Below are to links to help you begin
a self-search to determine qualification:

If these links don't take you directly to the sites: copy &
paste the links in your browser. If that attempt fails, e-mail
me at & I will send the pages to
your inbox.

Just a suggestion....Karen


by jessie - 2008-10-11 12:10:32

your story breaks my my heart never mind your grandma's heart. you have a condition to deal with and there should be assistance for school because of your disability. go on line to see if you qualify as a student who is with no family able to financially help . i believe there is help.if not could you work at starbucks and go to school at night or in the daytime meanwhile staying with grandma.. there are ways just persevere. i went in training in 1960 and had no money to my name. i had skates and pawned them in my 3rd year so i could for the first time and eat chinese food. it was great. young people are ingenious and can figure a lot of things out. i am ashamed to say we would steal the packages off maternity with female monthly supplies and perhaps some baby powder i would use for deodorant. you do what you have to do to get where you want to be. let me know mike how you are . my son is mike too grandma jessie

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