hi everybody

after all the advise you have all given I went back to the hospital and told them about the 8 minute every 3 hour day and night testing (I think) and they did some tweeking and now its not so bad it s 13 minutes still every 3 hours and it still makes me jump, so I need to be careful not to be coming down stairs or have a hot drink in my hands when it happens, I go back for the check up next week so I hope they sort things out then. any way thanks for all you help its much appreciated.

keep well everybody



many thanks

by djt - 2008-10-22 04:10:43

thanks Jessie and welcome to the world of pm, I to have some sleepless nights so I just sit up doing word search books till sleep overcomes me, it works most of the time, hope you are well


hi djt

by jessie - 2008-10-22 04:10:55

welcome to this club. i am from canada and was born in 41 so near the same age born in the 40's hope you are feeling better. i am up becasue i can't sleep take care going to try again jessie

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