Hi all:
Tomorrow if will be two weeks since my pacemaker went in and wow what a ride. It came out of nowwhere. After I followed up a friend's suggestion that I consult a cardiologist for my symptoms. I went in for a consult and ended up in the hospital that day.Pulse 39 missed beats.. . No real preparation and I have gone through a gambit of emotions. All I can say is this website is wonderful. Because of some of the postings I read after getting dizzy in a presentation yesterday I followed up with my cardiologist and had my pacemaker lowered from 60 to 50. Much better now

Thanks again..
Kayak girl



by Pookie - 2008-09-24 07:09:29

first, welcome to the club, you've discovered an amazing site full of supportive and compassionate people.

you mentioned dizziness and then your cardiologist lowered your pacemaker from 60 to 50...did your cardiologist explain how this would help???? and why did you get a pacemaker? I had mine for heart block in 2005.

anyways, just curious about the 60 to 50 setting.



by Suze - 2008-09-24 07:09:47

Yes, welcome to our forum. You will like it here...very supportive AND informative!

I also had only one day to mentally prepare for my pacemaker implant. What a shock! But, two years later I hardly even think about it. It's just a part of me...

If you HR was 39, 60bpm probably took some getting used to. A low end setting of 50 probably seems more comfortable. My settings were tweaked a couple of times the first year.

Anyway, again welcome.

oh my gosh

by kayakgirl - 2008-09-24 10:09:50

Geez.. Thanks so much everyone for the comments.. I love the comments.. Everyone.. not on this website.. seems to pretend that either I am exactly the same (my coworkers) or that I need monitoring all the time and I can't go hiking in November (my kids). When I figure out how to actually send individuals a personal comment I will.. But to all of you.. Giddy up go.. My friend Laurel is thinking of an appropriate name for my pacemaker.. Has anyone actually named theirs? I name my cars so thought it would be appropriate..

Kayak girl

Name for pacer

by ElectricFrank - 2008-09-25 02:09:44

I guess I think of mine as Frank. It has become part of me.



by Tracey_E - 2008-09-25 07:09:49

Are your kids adults trying to mother you or little kids afraid for their mom? If they're adults, send them here. We are an active group! I love to hike. And ski and go to the gym and rollerblade and play tennis. As long as your doctor has cleared you, there's no reason you can't hike.

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Hi Kayak

by walkerd - 2008-09-25 07:09:56

Im new here two.been on here for a few weeks and everyone in here are the most helpful,caring people i have met in a long time and it does make a difference talking to people that have gone thru the same thing you have gone thru. They offer alot of insight and help. Ive had my pm/defib for 8 days today, went to the cardioligist yesterday for my week check up, he also did some ujusting to mine. Changed some of my meds also for my light headiness. Im supposed to go until next week and get back with him, uther than that he is pleased im pleased. I can walk and not get short of breath, of course quitting smoking i must say has had something to do with that. I also had bypass on aug 1. doing great. welcome to this wonderful site.

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