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HI Guys, " Seems like deja voo all over again" (thank you Yogi Berra!) Met with Medtronic rep and asked important questions on the settings. He did not have any previous reports and could not pull them up on his laptop. So much information was n/a. He did "tweak the r/r sensitivity up, and this has left me sob on just the slightest movement. He is in only for a short time in the am on Tues. So I will have to wait till next week to put this setting back to the "normal" setting. He indicated I was "pacing " @ 93% in the atrium and 0 in the ventricle,and overall was doing very well. Also said h/r was 38 to 40 when p/m not used and I told him I had just had my morning b/b dose which would attribute to that.
Disappointing for me to know their was no communication between he and the cardio..........He also felt I was too concerned about my h/r and should just go on as if there was no p/m ........I'm wondering if there is a p/m clinic where you have the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and exercise tests to determine the parameters for your p/m settings. Meeting with cardio on Friday to discuss echo test..
May have made a mistake in this selection as they do not use Medtronc p/m's.....Also noted I could not get any reports from the interrogation as he only has a laptop to work with. He said he would try to mail them to me.........................

Has anyone else had to make changes with docs?


Experience with Medtronics Rep

by ElectricFrank - 2008-11-12 01:11:14

One thing to keep in mind with the Medtronics rep is that he is ethically bound to follow the doctors instructions unless you insist. I suggest calling the office and ask what you have to do to get your questions answered. Tell them you will be looking for another cardiologist if the present situation continues.
I hope you got a copy of your pre and post printouts from this last session. That would at least document the settings that were in place before these changes. Otherwise, you may find the same claim that they aren't available.
I am suspicious of what is going on. The Medtronics reps I see always have my history in their computer. I wonder if the doctor has told him not to discuss the settings with you so he tells this story.
You might call Medtronics and ask them for the names of other cardiologists in your area that use their rep services. That way you know your options before the next appointment. Also, mention that the rep didn't have your history in his computer and ask how you can get printouts.
Bottom line is that these days you have to get aggressive with the medical system if you want to have any control over decisions. I have taken this approach and once they find out they can't get away with just putting me off things get better.


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