placement of PM and coiled leads

My pacemaker is placed in the usual position on the left side under the clavicle but quite low and partially under the armpit in that I can see the round bulge of it and feel it. The coiled wire from the chest area is tight like a piano wire to the arm side. I am two months after implantation and it is always sore and the wire seems to pull if I cross my arm in front of myself. When I saw the surgeon by chance at a re-hospitalization a few weeks ago I mentioned it and he said to contact him in a few months and he'd move it over if it was an issue for me. I'm wondering if this is anyone else's experience, if this could still be part of the healing process...I did ask if the leads that are coiled would wiggle their way back over to the chest area and he said no that the pacemaker was sewn in (and presumably the leads too??) I am a bit nervous about really reaching for fear of ripping the leads or pacemaker out somehow....comments???? thanks, Cathy


Hey Cathy!

by uvagershwin - 2008-10-07 08:10:06

Hello. I have a similar problem, only mine's been in for 5 years. I've lost 46 pounds and had been having pain and discomfort around the site, so had to go to the cardiologist 3 TIMES THIS YEAR!! Was ridiculous... Anyway, they said if I grow more than 1/2 and inch, my leads will snap! So I share the same concerns about reaching too high or whatever. I was recently put on a Holter monitor and had blood tests, so should get those results soon...

Ask the doctor and be careful!! :) Feel better SOON!!!!!!!!



by kayakgirl - 2008-10-08 07:10:00

How frustrating.. I am a month out and just started doing yoga.. which is a lot of stretching and yes.. sometimes it seems to be a problem. but not all the time.. Sounds like following up would be a good thing. If there is one thing this whole experience has taught me is being a "nice" quiet girl is not always advantageous to your health.


by maryanne - 2008-10-08 10:10:18

I hear your pain. 2 years ago I had my 4th PM implanted and a lead's been a problem ever capped lead migrated to sit onto of my was very painful...and the surgeon had repositioned my PM at that time.....because of the capped lead migrating I went back in a month later had it repositioned. Now it is closer to my axilla(armpit)and uncomfortable.

So yes it is possible for things to move around in there....bottom line if you are uncomfortable with it have it investigated.....

Lead loops

by ElectricFrank - 2008-10-08 12:10:58

I've seen mine on chest xrays and both leads make a complete 360 degree loop near the pacemaker. The cardiologist says he has found this to be a real help in not pulling a lead loose. I just realized that this is probably why he only had me keep my arm down for two weeks. With the loops there is almost no way to put much pull on them.

I would have the problem corrected. There are lead extensions available so the pacer wouldn't have to be moved.


Being a nice girl

by ElectricFrank - 2008-10-10 12:10:56

Actually, being nice isn't a good thing with any saleman, and that's what the medical field has become.

I'm nice, pleasant, and give them a chance, but keep my head screwed on. There is no way we can keep up with them..they have all the information that we have to dig up. I just listen and ask questions..if the answers don't make sense I refuse to make decisions until I do some research.

If you really want to understand doctors, there is an excellent book. "How Doctors Think" by Jerome Groopman, MD. It is well done and not biased one way or the other. He holds a Chair of Medicine at Harvard Medical School so he isn't some light weight.


dog danger

by justwatchme - 2008-11-03 12:11:12

Well, yesterday I found out that I am not exaggerating my concern about the palcement of the PM.
One of my dogs gently jumped up to give me a kiss and his paw slipped and slid on top of my implant that is basically unattached from my body but hanging between the body and armpit and it's friggin sore now. I have to protect it till I get it moved. I'm afraid to sleep on that side with the leads coiled under my arm in case I bend them and break the electrical connection. My old dog who keeps me captive here at home for now is still with me but once he journeys on I'll call the surgeon and get it all moved..Cathy

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