does everyone who has a pacemaker take warfarin? I do and am concerned that i do and not sure i should be concerned.

Also, what vitamins should we take? and i do so enjoy reading your messages. abs



by Tracey_E - 2008-10-01 09:10:26

I don't take any prescriptions. Just having the pm doesn't mean you need anything other than possibly prophylactic antibiotics around the time of surgery. Medications would be prescribed for your underlying condition, not having the pm itself.

I don't know of any vitamin in particular we should take but I am careful about my diet. I take a multivitamin and calcium, limit fat, sodium and cholesterol and exercise religiously. No one ever said I had to, but I figure it'd be pretty stupid to fix the problem I was born with with a pm only to end up with something I brought on myself with poor lifestyle choices! Just my theory, your mileage may vary :o)


by thomast - 2008-10-01 11:10:31

I have a PM and a ICD and I take blood thinner for the underlaying heart condition., I guess I will have to take it forever. It does not bother me. Do not take any vitamins, I do take magnesium as per my heart doctor.

Blood thinners and Pacemaker

by ElectricFrank - 2008-10-02 01:10:03

Blood thinners have never been mentioned since I got my pacer. I have seen some reports of using them to prevent clots forming around the leads, but there is no evidence this is needed. Usually, the reason for the thinners is afib where again the idea is to reduce the possibility of clots forming from the poor atrial rhythm.

It isn't a good idea to take any supplement without checking with the doc as they can affect the warfarin's effectiveness. At the least you would need to have another blood test to verify the dose of warfarin.

My personal bias is to avoid thinners unless they are absolutely necessary and then only for short term therapy. They are risky in terms of bleeding if you are in an accident or require emergency surgery.


take it

by Shell - 2008-10-02 04:10:19

I do take it (along with a couple other prescriptions). I started taking it about 4 yrs ago (wow, didn't realize it's been that long) That was before i got my pacemaker. I had taken it yrs. for about 6 mos. after I had a stroke (at 22) The I was put on an asprin a day. About 4 yrs ago i was swichting cardiologists and he did a bunch of tests. they found a clot. I wish I could go back to taking an asprin. It would be cheaper and I wouldn't need all these blood tests. Lately they've been having me go every week even though my levels have been right in the middle of what they should be.(i used to go 1ce a month) I
I really didn't like them over they summer when I was a klutz and fell on cement. My knee wouldn't stop bleeding. It was more emmbarressing though with everyone looking at you.

not me

by walkerd - 2008-10-02 08:10:06

I think I take about everything else tho. lol. Had bypass and implantation, thought i was going to have to but cardioligist hasnt had me take it, do take a low dose asprin and my other meds for heart condition, but none of the heavy hitting blood thinners.

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