hurting shoulder

hi, had my icd a few months now all was well until lately i have an aching pain in my shoulder is this normal?


aching pain

by Pookie - 2008-12-30 10:12:43


I've had my pacemaker for 4 years now and still have the occasional ache or pain in my left shoulder right where you would get the flu shot. It can last a few minutes or anywheres up to a few days. Almost feels like a bad bruise and sometimes spreads up to my neck and across my collarbone.

I've mentioned it to the doctors but they don't seem too concerned about it. I thought it might be a clot, but the docs said if it were, it would burn and turn bright red like a sunburn and swell. I had an ultrasound once when my arm swell 2.5 inches bigger than normal, but they found nothing!! I just use a heating pad on it when it really bugs me.

But still...mention it to your doctor when you see them again. Sometimes I think it may be some nerves still mending from the initial surgery.

Good luck & keep us posted.


same exact thing

by cristalh - 2009-01-20 10:01:34

hi Ive been experiencing that for quite a while i got my icd 07-19-2008 and still experience that..i went crazy going to doctors cause then it felt as if it were pacing to hard and that exact same pain hit me it feels like shoulder pain and runs to your collar bone..they just told me to buy special undergarment because my boost's are quite big and that the bras were somehow pinching a nerve and that was provoking somehow what i was experiencing i hope withing time u will feel much better

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