when amiodarone fails

My husband has had a ICD since 2003. He has been on amiodarone off and on since then. He tried other rhythm drugs like sotalol, dronedarone, mexiletine, without success.. At present he is on 200 mg of amio and 200 mg of mexiletine daily. The mexiletine makes him unbalanced. His ICD continues to shock him on a regular basis, weekly. Which makes his life miserable. Now they want to increase the amio again to 600mg a day. I worry because amio can be a dangerous drug, he already has neurological problems from taking amio in the pass. I worry we are running out of options. I love him and if it wasn't for his heart he would be healthy...those shocks scare him and me...but so much amio scares us too. Has anyone here had the same problem, what did you do? Thanks


Antiarrhythmic drugs

by anette - 2009-01-11 07:01:06

I'm waitting for the FDA APPROVAL of Dronedarone.I know that this drug was already used on the drug trials
but not official. After 5-6years with successful treatment with Amiodarone on the blood work descovered Tireotoxicosis. NOW i'm on rate control meds.betablocker and calcium chanel blocker but the the Atril .fib cames back and i was dreaming that Dronedarone (non iodid Amiodarone) whil help maybe?What happened in your case? I HAVE a friend in Boston who is treated for now with a old drug Norpace .It's help her in the meantime.LET'S us know what the doctors decided.
Best wishes.

A fib

by lb151 - 2009-01-11 08:01:35

I am also rate controlled a fib..have been for 3 years. Amio is a great and horrible drug. It kept me in check but the side effects nearly killed me. 3 months off of it and the a fib came back.
If he is still getting shocks,then it isnt working,right? Time to maybe explore other options. I swear sometimes the cure is worse than the illness.


by clemsongirl - 2009-01-12 12:01:12

Tikosyn is in the same family as amiodarone, but doesn't have the side effects. It worked for me for a while and then my a-fib came back.

I know that not all doctors can prescribe Tikosyn and you have to go into the hospital for a few days until they get the right doseage. This may be a good option for your husband. Good luck!

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