pocket revision

Having the PM moved into a new pocket. Question: what happens to the old pocket. Does it sag or does one need plastic surgery?
If so, I would rather keep it as is...feel the lead and have the PM move. I could get use to it. I just had a new battery put in 5 months ago. Any one have a pocket revision or have a surgeon make a 2nd pocket?


Move Pacer?

by ElectricFrank - 2008-08-04 01:08:06

You might discuss if they could just suture the pacemaker to the underlying tissue to keep it from moving. Also, they could probably reorient the leads a bit so they aren't so prominent. This would only require opening the pocket and the stitching it shut again. It would be a lot easier on you than making a new pocket. That's the brutal part of the surgery.

By the time they make a new pocket, clean up the old one, and reroute the leads it isn't a pleasant prospect.

had revision

by branch57 - 2008-09-26 01:09:36

had the revision done..it was brutal and also annoying after having a battery change 6 months prior. However, I am more comfortable now but very, very tired. Returned to work but I work with very dangerous individuals in a treatment facility. Wondering how much longer to do this and why I always seem to have chest pains

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