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Hi all
I have just had a visit from my wheelchair OT (UK) and I am going to be upgraded from an attendant manual to an electric indoor self operated wheelchair.
One concern has arisen in that I have a pacer and its to be checked into if I will still be aok for an electric chair.
A net search has shown one site that has concerns over pacers and electric wheelchairs-the information may be outdated.
However is it aok for a pacer to use an electric wheelchair with safety?
Thanks in advance for advise given.



by pete - 2008-08-04 02:08:12


Absolutely fine

by Lotti - 2008-08-04 05:08:24

Hi Peter Lotti here from UK too.

I used a electric wheelchair after surgery (heart and PM) and had no problems at all. In fact the only issue I had was shopping.....not enough room between the clothes for my chair!!!

Enjoy the new effortless freedom your new chair will give you, but watch the speed. Mine was really fast.


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