Whole Body Imaging at the airport

I flew out of Salt Lake City today and they have the new whole body imaging technology at security. They still have the regular metal detectors in most of their lines, they sent me to the line with the new millimeter wave machine when I said I had a pm. They politely answered all my questions then left it up to me if I wanted to walk through it or have the pat down. The scan takes less than two seconds, I was on my way in about ten seconds. Even with the time I spent asking them questions, I was still finished well before my family that was in the regular line.


Does anyone know any more about it? I felt fine going through it and when I just googled it I found more privacy concerns than safety issues. After reading up on it, I think I'll choose it next time also. I can see the potential privacy concerns but it's fast and easy so I'm not going to get too worked up about it. What do you think?





that looks convenient

by mandogrl - 2009-07-12 07:07:20

They don't have them yet at our airport yet. Hopefully they will be a success and become more widespread.


by Tracey_E - 2009-07-12 10:07:31

They don't have them at the one closest to my home, either. From my reading, it sounds like they are testing them at 20 airports but using them regularly at only 6 for now. SLC is one of those 6. I had no idea they had machines safe for us until this morning! I never even heard of it until I got home and looked it up.

Las Vegas is another airport listed where they are using them now. Someone posted about being told it was safe to go through a machine at Vegas airport here a few weeks ago and I think this is the machine she must have walked through. They are still considered in testing so it's optional if you want to go through it or not, we can opt for the pat down for now.

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