Cell phone power

Hi, A friend sent me this web site showing the power of cell phones. For those of us who have ICS/PM or who are about to get one, like me, this proved interesting. Good thing I don't have popcorn near an ICD!

I assume that this should be a concern. Am I right?




cell phone power, it's a fake

by ccmoore - 2008-06-24 04:06:12

It is a fake. Clever film editing and a fake.

snopes.com is the best source for checking out these urban legends. See: http://www.snopes.com/science/cookegg.asp

This covers the corn popping also.

Now put down the cell phone slowly, back off and no one will get zapped.


I commend...

by turboz24 - 2008-06-24 11:06:52

IThey dd a pretty decent job of editing the video footage.

I sure hope that you are joking when you asked "I assume that this should be a concern. Am I right?"

cell phones

by candi51 - 2008-06-24 12:06:32

I just received my ICD on June 2nd and the Dr told me with the newer models of devices now cell phones would not interfere. I just use my phone on the right since my device is on the left as a extra precaution. The research I have found only showed cell phone interference on some of the older model PM's and ICD's that people typically don't have anymore. Kindof like the old device's reacted with microwaves...... you get the picture.
I also asked about my dog's invisible fence and bluetooth on the computers and phones and that was all negative for interference.

I guess if my phone was going to pop popcorn I would worry about melting my ear or brain before it got to my ICD :-) LOL

Have a good day!

Should have checked Snopes

by locobill22 - 2008-06-25 07:06:14

I always to forget Snopes.com to look for this type of thing. Thanks.

On another note, my golfing buddy says he is going to buy a Taser, in case I need a jolt. It may not work, but he said he would have fun using it on me!!!


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