IPod MP3 Interferes with PM

I just read a post on an Apple site which documented some research done in Michigan by a student.

He discovered that the IPod interferred with patients' PM in 3 different ways:

Oversensing of events
Telemetry interference
Inhibit of PM occurred in 1.2% of study group.

I am taken aback by this finding, but I do believe it is correct.
For more info, google "IPod interferes with pacemaker"


Re: iPod interferance

by ridera - 2007-05-19 10:05:19


iPods don't emit enough EMFs to interfere with PM's.

The so-called study was done by a 17 year-old high school student.

To conduct the study he would have needed test equipment worth thousands, a PM interrogator to start with. No cardiologist would allow a non certified person to use his equipment.

No teacher or other authority would permit a student to conduct a potentially life threating experiment on persons.

"Oversensing of events" is a meaningless phase. Does this mean the rate sensor? It is highly unlikely the accelerometer and its circuit would be affected by a small electric field. Similarly, HR pulses and resistance measurements would not be affected by fields produced by an iPod. ETC.

PM's do not telemeter data under normal operation.

"Inhibit of PM occurred in 1.2% of study group." To arrive at such a percentage, the study group would have to consist of hundreds of subjects. Such a study would be prohibitively expensive, even for a large organization.

iPods are extremely low powered devices. The fields they generate are thus infinitesimally small.

If in doubt, contact your PM's mgr and ask to speak with a tech support person.

Al Rider, BSEE

PM interference from new technologies

by maestro - 2007-05-20 04:05:48

Now we have one person's opinion that IPods don't interfer with Pacemakers. This person would probaby tell you cell phones aren't associated with brain anomalies too.

As for the study, the student who conducted it is the offspring of 2 physicians --
his father, an EP cardiologist, gave him full access to all necessary equipment. This research was supported.

Personally, I checked the research before I posted. I did not offer you my opinion. I used to sell directly to Medtronics PM group, so I do have some knowledge (and education) behind my decision to post this info.

When one person decides they know the basis of the interference and the relevant emissions levels, without any evidence to support their rants, I'd be suspicious.

As for today's technologies, it is wildly irresponsible to Assume that stray signals are NOT impacting our health.



by uvagershwin - 2007-12-27 03:12:13

Ok, I am 13 and recieved my PM at 15 hours. I have a HUGE video iPod and I do not have any problems... now you tell me if that is data or not. I really have to agree with ridera on this one. And as for your Medtronic thing, I happen to have a Medtronic Sigma DR. It carries out it's function very well and I see no reason for something as simple as an iPod to interfere with a PM. It's like saying an itty bitty refrigerator magnet will interfere with it.

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