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As a recent recipient of a two lead PC, I wanted to find out whether I can continue to drive my Toyota Camry Hybrid due to potential EMF exposure. I found some information on an auto-related blog:


As per this blog, measurements made in Lexus GS450h hybrid indicated an EMF of 110 mG+. I don't know whether this is strong enough to affect PM operation. Also EMF field the driver is exposed to in a hybrid, depends on the whether the wiring harness from the drive motor to the NIMH pack in the trunk runs under the driver or passenger seat.

The posters in the above blog are concerned more about potential health effects on hybrid drivers due to long-term exposure to low EMF and I did not see any discussion about the EMF effect on folks with PM.

I am not sure whether this is something hybrid drivers with PM need to be concerned about. Hope to hear from members who are experienced about this topic. Thanks



by BOB 1 - 2008-05-24 02:05:17

Your question was asked a couple of days ago and below are the answers that member received. I remember this becasue I have a hybrid and a pacemaker and I had never given a thought to the EMF fro a hybrid being a concern.

Comment posted by Karen on 2008-05-22 18:47.
You know I never thought of that before now. My sister and brother in law have one. They just got it. So I am wondering too if can ride that car. Gas prices here was 4.00 yesterday.

Hybrids & Pacemakers
Comment posted by Nim Rod on 2008-05-22 18:50.
I don't have a hybrid car, but my neighbor does and I ride with him without problems. I went to the internet when this subject came up and found the following:

"There are more than one million hybrids on American roads—and there’s no sign that the market for fuel-efficient gas-electric vehicles is slowing down. But according to a number of urban myths, the growing fleet of hybrids is actually an evil force ready to inflict great harm to people with pacemakers, blind people, and anybody who dares to sit behind the wheel of a Toyota Prius. Here are the top five safety dangers supposedly posed by hybrids.

Hybrids cause pacemakers and defibrillators to stop working.
Dr. Westby G. Fisher, a board certified cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist, answered this concern. He writes that carmakers recommend that people with pacemakers not get very close [a few inches] to a hybrid engine, but “operating a hybrid car should be quite safe, as long as the operator with a pacemaker or defibrillator does not try to become the mechanic for their own car.”

A senior cariothorasic nurse writes, “You hear a lot of nonsense about the sensitivity of these devices. The engine in the Prius would create a large electromagnetic field, but as long as you don't hold it in front of your chest you should be fine!” The consensus: Don’t hug your hybrid engine, but otherwise, it’s not an issue."

Comment posted by ElectricFrank on 2008-05-23 01:14.
There shouldn't be any problem with riding or driving a hybrid. Modern high efficiency motor/generators such as used in the hybrid are designed to keep the field inside. After all, any energy radiated by the device lowers its efficiency.
I rode around for several days in my son's Prius last summer with no problem. I also leaned over the engine to admire it. I wouldn't recommend leaning over the opened hood of the vehicle while it is moving down the road though!


Hybrid Cars

by richan - 2008-05-24 09:05:16

I have had my Guidant 2 lead PM since March of 2005. I bought my Prius in Aug 2007. Since then, I have had my annual PM check at my cardiologist's office and I just completed my second up-load to the PM center. So far, driving my Prius has not had any effect on my PM. Gas, here in Michigan is now over $4.00/gal!! I'm happy to have my Prius.
Another thing; if you have a stand-by generator as a back-up for power loss at home, you really need to stay away from it while it is operating.
Happy driving,

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