First time being paced?

Hi everybody,

I'm in week 3 with my new ICD. I think I felt some pacing for the first time today. I was in the car with my Mom, and suddenly felt my heart skip a little, and then a warm pulse of energy in the middle of my chest. My Mom asked what it felt like, and the first thing I could think to say was "warm". It was odd, but not in a bad way.

Of course I won't know if it actually WAS pacing me until I go and get it interrogated.

Hope everybody is having a great day!



by Lexi3 - 2008-06-04 11:06:35

Hi Helen,

That is interesting. I didn't know ICD's don't pace all the time. I usually don't feel mine pacing, or I am used to it so I don't feel it.
Hope you are recovering well.


by HelenB - 2008-06-05 10:06:37

Hi Lexi,

I don't think they pace all the time. I think when my Dad had his first interrogation, they told him his ICD was pacing him several times a day on most days. He gets pacing to speed up his heart, but I don't have that problem - my heart rate is usually up in the high 90s.

I think what I felt might have been anti-tachycardia pacing. When I wore my holter monitor, my EP noticed my heart would go up to the 160s or 170s sometimes, but only for a few seconds. I think what I felt might have been the beginning of that, and then the ICD stopping it.

I am curious now.. I wish I didn't have to wait until my trip to the clinic!

I hope you are feeling good, too.


by Lexi3 - 2008-06-05 11:06:13

Oh ok I see, well it is pretty cool that these tiny devices can do so much. Mine paces all the time because I am pacer dependent. My heart rate before my first pacemaker was 33. My rate used to be too slow, now I have trouble with tachycardia. My heart rate also usually runs mid 90's and gets up pretty high upon mild exertion. What gives?
I know--It is always hard to wait when you have questions!

Take care,

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