I just received a pacemaker about three weeks ago. I was having shortness of breath, coughing and fatigue a week after my implant. The dr. turned it up but I'm still having a little fatigue, shortness of breath and this like lump in my throat that makes me cough on occasion. Is this normal? Or is it something I may have to get use to? Thanks,



by Pookie - 2008-05-01 01:05:01

I am not a doctor, but the fatigue I can understand. The shortness of breath and coughing should be re-addressed with your doctor. No, I don't think it is something you have to get use to.

A pacemaker should not make you cough...


Additional thoughts on the coughing...

by harley63 - 2008-05-01 11:05:30

My experience post PM is exactly the same! Fatigue, shortness of breathe (SOB for short) & the thump in throat witch resulted is a constant nagging cough! I found resolution to these symptoms by insisting that the setting on my PM be adjusted to fit my life style and quality of life that I felt was reasonably deserved. So.. read all you can on this site about the "fine tuning" options of PM's.. rate response, sensors, bells and whistles so to speak as all PM's are NOT ONE SIZE fits all!!! Call the manufacture and ask detailed questions of what your specific make/model will and will not do. The have the manpower and time to answer your questions and will mail you educational material. So ask for them to mail you everything that they have on life with a PM. That way you are armed with a list of options to address w/the next PM check. Oh and do not wait for the next appt. As I'm learning that some folks have to wait 6+ months or a year. Make your list, feel confident in what you’re asking and go! We must empower ourselves and go be part of our own plan of care! Yes, I am a nurse and I advocate being assertive and making your feelings, thoughts and wants know to your healthcare providers. Stepping on toes is a virtue when it comes to our own bodies and the daily challenges we face. After all we live in this body and we have to live with the challenges on a VERY personal level… every minute of every day.. it is our life after all and unless you have set unrealistic goals then I feel that you have the right to ask for answers and PM adjustments to reduce or resolve the cough, fatigue and thumb in your throat. If there is a MD out there who has a PM or ICD... I would challenge them to present their story that life has been a bed of roses since implantation!

I'm climbing down off my soap box now... :O) Ya' see I grew up believing that what MD's and nurses said was the gospel and there were no discussions and no other options to weight out. But alas.. I am here to tell you and I'm sure there are many others that will... maybe not publicly, but you DO NOT have to live with the symptoms that you have listed above. Prepare, empower yourself and go forth to achieve the life that you desire! Yes, there maybe changes that you have to make in life style. But I would bet a lot of the changes can be in the simple fine tuning of the PM settings. Since my last trip to the MD with my list.. I rarely even know that I have a PM in my chest! I have been SO ecstatic that I’ve danced around the house, rode my Harley like a wild woman and have rewritten my bucket list!!

Let us know how the journey to good health comes along. I'm always available to suggestions or just for listening to your need to bounce ideas, feelings and thoughts.

We all are here for you and wish you a speedy recovery. Welcome to the best support system you will ever find!


by heutsey - 2008-05-02 11:05:42

Thanks for the comments. It made me feel like I could control this, instead of it controlling me!

Getting use to this thing

by heutsey - 2008-05-29 12:05:30

I have had my pm for about five weeks. I'm still having trouble with fatigue. Is this normal?

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