recent surgery and comments

Hi All,

I had a dual chamber pacemaker implant exactly two weeks ago . Two days after implant, I suffered very strong diaphragm twitches as a result of which the kick in rate was adjusted from 60 to 50. I have had no twitches since then , however am suffering from pain in my left arm which at times becomes severe. I have also slight neck pain.Has any one had similar experience? Is this a short term pain or likely to persist?Like to hear from any one with similar experience or otherwise.

Kind regards


See your doc...

by Swedeheart - 2008-04-11 01:04:26

I also agree see your doctor. You shouldn't have pain like that... I have had discomfort from the surgery, but yours sounds "different"... if the doctor says it is "normal" ~ encourage him/her to find ways to eliminate it!

While most of my pain from the surgery has subsided I still have weird feelings from time to time. Sometimes I feel a slight burning or irritating in my chest. Whether or not it is from the pacemaker kicking in or nerves twitching I do not know. It is on my list to ask at my next appt. I also seem to have some nausea after eating... this is fairly slight, but a new thing for me... I read in a post somewhere that if one's leads are close to their diaphram it can cause this... but my memory is a bit fuzzy on this. It is a second question on my list for my next appt.

Good luck. We will all be interested in what your doctor says and does! Could help someone else here!


Pain in Arm

by Jules - 2008-04-11 02:04:54


I had my PM in Jan 08. From time to time I do get a pain in my upper left arm, not for long but it does appear. Also when I rise first thing in the morning my PM site has a twinge.

Don't know whether that is reassuring or not but you are not alone.


Don't suffer

by ElectricFrank - 2008-04-11 08:04:48

Think of your forum name getupngo. It helps to think of it as experiencing your pain rather than suffering a pain. We use that term too often.
Two weeks is not very long after having a device placed in a pocket in your body. Just think of sticking a spoon under the skin of a raw chicken breast and separating the skin from the muscle to make a pocket..only with you it was done on a live person.
When you experience the pain it is easier to get a sense of whether something is wrong.


pain in the neck....yes

by swilson10 - 2008-04-11 10:04:08

I would agree with Karen that your doctor w/b your best resource regarding pain. However, I will also say that even three years after my original implant there are days that I get strong pulsing in my neck or chest area and the doc says some of these things we just have to adjust to. I am fairly young and pretty in tune with my body, so it seems safe to say I may be more sensitive to the sensations caused by this little machine. The pain in your arm? Again talk with the doctor, but I know I still have occasional shooting pains in my chest and arm which I attribute to the nerve damage and healing from 4 surgeries in a three year time span on the same area of my chest.

Many blessings

recent surgery and comments

by getupngo - 2009-06-29 04:06:20

Dear All,

Thank you all for your very helpful comments.I do apologise for not responding earlier(had lost access to a laptop!!!!) but have found your advice reassuring.

As one would expect, I had been to see the doctor earlier was assured that there was no connection between the installaion and the pain.

The update is that since then I have had a frozen right shoulder which I am now beginning to get out of.The pain in the left shoulder and arm had become very severe as a result of which I am going through physio treatment.I am advised that i have a trapped nerve in the shoulder joint. I am looking forward to improvement so that I may resume active workusing both arms(golf etc.).

Strange all this started at the time of PM installation yet there is no connection between the two!!!

I wish all of you a very healthy and enjoyable life .

May God bless you all

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