5o yo doc

Thanks to all that responded. Went ahead with the pacer yesterday thought I would trust the EP didn't want to miss time from work or stop driving cause I might black out. He told me it wouldn't get better, funny my symptoms were from multiple PVC's and the pacer wouldn't cure that so I am on flecainide an antiarrythmic that is what has made me feel better but according to the EP( electrophysiologist) I needed the pacer to be safe. Over night at the hospital it paced 29% of the time. It's the medication though that stopped the symptoms. Went well a little sore had it put under the pectoral muscle so maybe a little more sore but I glad so I don't have to see it in summer clothes and I can swing the golf club and not worry about it. Seems I have atrial-venticular block so the sinus node works well but it doesn't always conduct. My biggest problem is convincing my son (26) that I needed it and that exercise and better diet wouldn't cure it. It is hard enough to convince myself. I am so busy and have a new practice and could not afford to wait and see can't pass out while working on a patient....wierd part is I would have never known if not for the PVC's I had constantly. Hard to believe not related??? The best doc here in town and he has no ideas of what caused this or why I have both all of a sudden in last 3 months. But believe me I will sleep better and am ready to work on Friday.


Sounds like a good idea

by ElectricFrank - 2008-04-09 11:04:15

The nice thing about a pacer is unlike drugs you can have one and it won't kick in unless you need it. The overnight pacing at 29% may be partly due to the settings. The factory settings are very conservative and usually can be relaxed quite a bit once the leads are settled down and the the EP can see what you need.

Don't try to convince your son. Just let him know nicely that it was your decision and you have to live with it.


don't push too hard

by winesap - 2008-04-10 12:04:07

Not that I'm a good example since I returned to work as soon as my wafarin numbers returned to a reasonable value (Monday following surgery on Wednesday). But you did just experience a surgical procedure with much of the necessary healing being invisible. Do what is necessary but also realize that you need to recover and have limits. You will likely be more uncomfortable tomorrow than you are today - but I was amazed at how little surgical discomfort I had. Others on this list have had and continue to have significant pain. Recognize that you need to heal and make appropriate allowances. Glad that your surgery went well.

Recovery Slow

by lbennack - 2008-04-12 09:04:05

You were right winesap the second day was very painful. since they put it under the pectoral muscle the entire muscle hurts. And since the pectoral muscle attaches to the shoulder and sternum I hurt all across the chect and into the shoulder. I worked for 3 hours and then knew that was it for the day. I am 4 days out and still wake up every hour with the pain but it is controllable. I wondered why he gave me so much pain meds for a small surgery. NOW I know. funny though I am in the aesthetics business and treat people with scars every day. My scar doesn't bother me I look at it and am glad we caught the problem early before I passed out behind the wheel. I feel better (except pain) than I have in months. More energy no flutterring and no dizziness.

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