Chiropractics and ICDs

More questions. . . I have a pinched nerve in my back that has me barely walking. Any problems with a visit to the chiropractor for relief? So far nothing he's done has made me 'feel funny' or aware of my ICD (3/13/08). but he was wondering if there could be problems with the electric stimulation or vibrator (?) he's used



not sure

by CathrynB - 2008-04-30 08:04:56

Hi Redd,

I have never visited a chiropractor so can't speak to their general treatments, but it's my understanding that "electrical stimulation" such as is used with TENS units for pain management is not acceptable for people with pacemakers. However, I used a vibrator (massage therapy!) for a couple of months to treat lasting nerve pain I had in the vicinity of the pacemaker implant. The pain went away and the treatment was successful. However, I do know of other folks on this site whose doctors would not authorize them to try vibrator therapy for their nerve pain because of concerns that a magnet in the vibrator might interfere with their PM, or the vibration so close to their PM might fracture an electrical lead. I did not have either of these problems as a result of vibration therapy, but if I were you, I would certainly check with my EP before having any electrical stimulation or vibrator work done on your pinched nerve.

p.s. after my success with vibrator therapy, my 80-year-old fDad bought himself a vibrator and used it to treat pain in his back, completely successfully. I did not think it was wise of him to do this without doctor approval (even though he doesn't have a pacemaker) but he's a wonderful stubborn guy and ignored my advice! LOL

not sure

by thomast - 2008-04-30 09:04:35

I got my EP to OK the use of ultrasound as long as they stayed 6 inches from the PM. the TENS unit is a no, no though.


by Pete K - 2008-04-30 10:04:58

I am visiting a chiropractor 3 times a week for about the next 6 months to get the pressure of the nerves that control the heart. He is very accustom to pacers and has the tech use a vibrator on my back at the start of each session. I pay attention for any feelings in my pacer (heart) but have never had any. Also, he puts me on a roller table after treatment and assures me that there's no problem with it and the pacer and have never had any. Just ask yours if he is accustom to folks with pacemakers. Otherhand I have had a chiro in the past (before pacer) that used electrictrods on the back and I know that I would not feel comfortable with that now.


First Chiro visit since PM

by TKS - 2008-05-01 05:05:13

Tomorrow I'm making my first visit to the Chriopracter since I had my PM implanted. My cardiologist informed me that as long as it's over 2 months implant it's OK. He also said to stay away from any of the electrical stimulation therapy, but that was it.

I'm looking forward to some relief! My back is killing me!!! LOL



by sbassmeister - 2008-05-02 04:05:36

I have been going to a Chiro for almost a year. I got my PM in November of 2006. Make sure you tell them you have a PM. Mine won't use any kind of vibration. He does use ultrasound. If the Chiro is going to do some manipulation that involves my left side/shoulder, I always remind him of the pacemaker. Other than that, it has been great.

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