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Is there any techno people out there?
We are having an Audi A4 next week with the above sound system which has 14 high performance loudspeakers(505 watt) and 10 channel amplifier and my cousin (who also has a pc) has just told me that I'll be sitting in a magnetic field as each of the speakers has a magnet?????
His concern is because I'm the one who had the bad experience on the Airbus fly- by -wire aircraft.
Please someone knowledgeable tell me that he is wrong!
Thank you.


Speakers and Loud Music

by SMITTY - 2008-05-11 04:05:16

Hello Foxxy,

First how close you will be to the speakers? Second, do if you have the rate response feature on you PM activated? I'm guessing but, if you are at least five feet from the speakers, then the magnets should not bother your PM. If the EMF from the magnets is strong enough to affect your PM you will probably notice it as an irregular heart beat and in which case you will need to move back a few feet and our PM should return to normal operation in a couple of minutes. EMF usually doe snot ravel far fro the point of origin. However, if the rate response is activated the vibrations from the music/sound will in all probability make the rate response think you are involved in physical activity and it will increase your heart rate. If this happens the concert will probably be over for you as the vibrations from a strong bass can travel a long ways. If you are in doubt about the rate response you will have to ask your doctor.


Bang & Olufsen

by FOXXY30 - 2008-05-11 08:05:37

Hi Smitty Thank you for your advice. As I still haven't resolved the Airbus prob I think I'll contact the pacer clinic tomorrow.
Thanks again


by peter - 2008-05-12 04:05:21

A magnet to affect your pacemaker has to be close. If the speakers are powerful and are more than 12 inches or 30cm away from your implanted pacemaker you have nothing to worry about. Speakers do have very powerful magnets but the magnetic field decreases very rapidly with distance.Doubling the distance reduces the field to 1/4 . You are probably even quite safe at 6 inches or 15 cm away.You have nothing to worry about.
Cheers Peter


by ElectricFrank - 2008-05-12 11:05:51

I don't know whether to worry about the Bang or the Olufsen! (:

Most good speakers are shielded as far as magnetic fields are concerned. A field strong enough to interfere with your pacer would erase hard drives on a notebook computer being carried in the car. It would also mess up a compass which is part of any car like the Audi .

Enjoy the new car!


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