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Hello all,just joined the group.Two short questions.I had my Medtronics Sensia L implanted six weeks ago.Do Medtronics do an info pack and is it available only in the USA? I am in the U.K. on the other side of the pond!
Any Ham radio ops on the list? I am still a bit concerned about the RF floating around when I operate on air.
Thanks in advance.


Welcome Roly!

by Swedeheart - 2008-03-31 03:03:34

Hello, I am a new PM patient too... 5 weeks out. I also have a Medtronics, but different model. I had lots of questions and I went to the Medtronics website and emailed them directly. Told them I had a Medtronic PM... they answered all my questions quickly, and thoroughly.

I would make a list of all your questions, both big and small and email them. I would anticipate you would also receive a response. The Medtronics website also has a downloadable .pdf file of items that can cause intereference. Ham radio antennas are one of the items listed, but the distance away isn't very much. So describe your equipment, etc. and ask you will likely get accurate information.

I got my Medtronics info pack when I received my implant. If you didn't receive one, ask Medtronics to send you one. Mine was a booklet that is titled "patient manual" for my model. I also received a temporary ID card that has the serial number, etc. of my Medtronic. Later about 3 weeks out I received a permanent card from them. (size of a credit card) If you haven't received any of these items, write or call them ~ they are things you should have.

Good luck.


Ham op

by ElectricFrank - 2008-03-31 04:03:45

I'm W6DZG. I'm not currently active, but am looking at getting back at it.
I am also a biomedical engineer and have built my own ECG with the ability to observe the pacemaker operation. I have a Medtronics Kappa 701. My guess is that they use the same input preamps on all the newer models.
Having the ecg lets me experiment with various sources of interference while I watch the effect on the pacer. The closest I have come to RF is a 5 watt hand held CB which I have tested within maybe 3" of my skin over the pacer. No effect at all. Just a few days ago while hiking in the desert I walked under a main high voltage transmission line. Again no problem. In fact I haven't found anything the affects it other than the Carelink phone monitor which is supposed to.
The new pacers all use bipolar leads which are shielded so they are as susceptible as the old ones.

If you have any technical questions drop me a private note. I don't want to bore everyone with electronic theory.


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