new pm on friday

Hi to all. I was just wondering if any of you that have had your pm replaced in the last 6months could let me know what type you had put in and how long the battery will last. I am going in on Friday for replacement and wanted to get some info. Having a hard time finding anything on new tech for pm. thanks



Life of PM

by maryanne - 2008-09-03 04:09:06

I have had my battery replaced 4 times. My PM is a expectancy is 7 -12 years.....I generally have had my PM's replaced either right at the 7 year mark or a bit before. The reason for this is that PM settings are different for everyone. It depends on how much the battery is being used....battery life gets used up based on settings and everyone is a bit different.

When you go for your check ups on your PM there will be a reading that says how much life is left in the battery...if it is getting close to 1year or shorter...the tech will let you know and arragements are put in place.

So the long and short of it....the manufacturers have approximate time for life expectancy of battery.....but there are always variables.

Hope this helped a bit....

Cheers and good health to you...

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