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in 2004 I had a catheter ablation and was implanted with a pacemaker. Until this summer I was not experiencing a fib symptoms, however now I am told by my DR that I am in full blown afib again and he is suggesting that I may need to get the ablation done again, and take digoxin. The only meds I am on are warafin, spironolact, and Norvasc 2.5. Has anyone with a pacemaker had success with meds also. Before my ablation and paemaker meds just made me feel like sitting on the couch and vegging, Now this shortness of breath is quite annoying...even scary at times.


a flutter

by duggie - 2008-03-05 11:03:40

I just had a PM inserted about 1 1/2 weeks ago.
Two years ago I was diagnosed with atrial flutter. The doc spoke of an ablation but after researching the option I decided not to because it seemed possibe I would, or could, develop atrial fib.
Anyway, I was on the digoxin (digitec) for over a year and when I started taking it (with my Coreg CR) my bpm was around 120 for several months & finally slowed down to the point (37-47 bpm) when I was told to stop taking the digitec. After the single lead PM was inserted the bpm rate was set at 60 and my shortness of breath improved. They 'tweaked' the PM Monday and shortness of breath increased for several hours but now it is much better and I am not pacing 24/7 at 60. I am such a newbe at this but, the shortness of breath is no fun.
I only wrote this because I have often wondered about the digitec and never liked taking it; I hope it has nothing to do with causing shortness of breath and hope you get better soon. duggie

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