I was always told that I couldnt go on rollercoasters with a pacemaker because it puts strain on your heart. Is this true or has anyone had any experiences with that? I've been a couple but they werent really that scary no loops or really steep.... I really want to go to magic mountain someday :)


Not a problem...

by heckboy - 2008-02-19 09:02:00

For me, anyway. I think it depends on your heart condition, but having a PM doesn't in and of itself impact your enjoying a roller coaster. If your rate response is on, your heart will be beating like a jackhammer by the time the ride ends, but so what?

Have fun (with your Dr's permission).

A word of caution.....

by pacergirl - 2008-02-19 10:02:31

Hi, I have a PM for heart block and bradycardia. (sp?) The pacer works great for these problems. Now I have developed tachycardia as well. Now that is a problem. A roller coaster ride for me could send me into a heart attack or a stroke. So, ask before you go and if you get an ok... HAVE TONS OF FUN!!!!!

I wish to go on the rollercoaster with you!

My Doc gave me the OK.

by bowlrbob - 2008-02-20 04:02:43

Like the others said be sure and ask your Dr. I am 65 and my EP thought I was nuts when I asked him about coasters. He said just be sure the restraints don't hit you pacer and it will be no problem. So 2 days later i rode the one at New York New York in Las Vegas. it does have a loop. It was great and no problem. Just be sure and get a look before you go to see where the straps or harnesses are. Bowlrbob

Thanks for the comments

by cutsiepooh01 - 2008-02-20 11:02:20

Thank you everyone for your comments... that helps a lot. I will ask my Dr before i go on one... thanks again :)


by tadcloud - 2008-02-29 09:02:22

I am not advocating to ignore doctors orders.
Just my opinion, MDs tend to take the conservative
route, just like the lawyers ( whom they fear)

Same Question

by WJBond - 2008-04-26 04:04:39

I had the same question for the Dr. He told me the same
to stay off but I am going to bush gardens and disney world later this year and if he thinks I ain't going to ride them he has another thing coming to him.

The only ones I might stay off is the magnetic ones!

Got on rollercoaster

by Nicole93 - 2021-03-16 18:58:24

My doctor told me not a good idea because the magnets might shut it off. But my fam always goes to amusement parks an I had stop riding eventually I worked my way up an started getting on them starting from little to big so my heart would adjust the faster it goes. As long as I didn't jump right on a big ride I was fine I had to already have my adrenaline up. 

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